The MassTransit mailing list is for discussion and support questions related to MassTransit, a free, open source, lightweight service bus for the Microsoft .NET framework. Related components, such as Automatonymous, are also considered on-topic and welcome in this group.


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Adding additional endpoints once the Bus has started-MT 3 AzureServiceBus Suneeth Varghese 3/16/18
Azure QuotaExceededException Johan Alkemade 3/16/18
RabbitMQ: Broker unreachable error Alex Wheat 3/15/18
Prefetch limited to 16? Adam Schaible 3/15/18
Is it possible to create a generic fault handler/consumer? Stanislav Perekrestov 3/13/18
Saga handling undeliverable messages Alex Wheat 3/11/18
Custom interface deserialization in Masstransit 4 Darren Steadman 3/7/18
Troubles with connecting to local cluster Pavel Rodnyansky 3/7/18
Problem with versioning generic contracts Pavel Rodnyansky 3/6/18
Combining retries and redelivery Alex Wheat 3/5/18
Fwd: Us congress hearing of maan alsaan Money laundry قضية الكونغجرس لغسيل الأموال للمليادير معن الصانع shader j 3/4/18
RabbitMQ receive transport failed: Method 'AddOrUpdatePayload' Nelson Badilla 3/3/18
Retry for activities in Courier using Autofac poptartsareart 2/24/18
Kafka MassTransit Ian Patterson 2/23/18
v4 and MongoDB saga/statemachine persistence Nick Archibald 2/21/18
Having issues with turnout endpoint OK Developer 2/21/18
How to properly handle unexpected asynchronous events in different saga states? Alex Wheat 2/15/18
ActiveMQ / Amazon MQ Justin Haygood 2/13/18
RabbitMQ - Publish to direct exchange with RoutingKey Robert Slaney 2/7/18
Failed to stop service because BusHandle.Stop was canceled Emir Ključanin 2/1/18
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