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Textiles furniture Jens 6/28/16
Anyone play darts? David Springs 6/28/16
Photographic area forr member works 6/28/16
Reoccurring Event Proposal for Membership Recruitment and Community Development/Engagement Turquoise A. Morales-Thomas 6/28/16
Pop Rivet Gun Eric Sommer 6/28/16
Need Help Adjusting Bike Bill Parsons 6/28/16
Douglas Avenue Art Days Logan Pajunen 6/28/16
Humble Make Electronics books bundle Jim Rice 6/28/16
The MakeICT Wiki James 6/28/16
Maker Monday volunteers -- help wanted, fun times guaranteed! Logan Pajunen 6/28/16
Shop bot jcarpenter81 6/28/16
Event notice: EVA Foam Cosplay and Props 101 with Brandon Smith and Joshua Marshall (Tue Jun 28 2016 18:00:00 GMT-0500 (CDT)) Tom McGuire 6/28/16
Raspberry Pi Zero in stock David Springs 6/28/16
Studio Curtains? David Springs 6/28/16
Is there someone who can show me the 3d printer sometime at your convience Tim Otter 6/28/16
Today's Peer Certification for the 3d printers Turquoise A. Morales-Thomas 6/27/16
Textile Floor jess 6/27/16
3D Printing Certification Julie Chen 6/27/16
Event notice: Introduction to 3D Printing with James and Christian (Sun Jul 03 2016 12:00:00 GMT-0500 (CDT)) Tom McGuire 6/26/16
Paper pulp in hackables. M Jenney 6/26/16
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