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Chicken Scheme integration into LightTable mfv 12/12/14
Alt shortcuts on windows Kaylen Wheeler 8/1/14
export to html Drew 7/18/14
Wrapping light table eval in remote nrepl with code that sets and then clears ThreadLocal variable Andrey Grin 6/27/14
Invalid behavior: :lt.objs.workspace/reconstitute-last-workspace? Phat Loc 6/16/14
Light Table is now open source and v0.6.0 is out Chris Granger 1/8/14
Docs for methods search ("Find") and Multiple Editors for functions ("Table") features Iakiv Kramarenko 10/18/13
Called as line magic - invalid syntax Travis Ayres 10/18/13
can't get custom "Cmd + Alt + [" keyboard shortcut to work (but "Cmd + Alt + ]" does work!) xavi 8/30/13
0.5.2 Chris Granger 8/27/13
Light Table 0.5.0 is out Chris Granger 8/23/13
Light Table 0.4.0 has been released! Chris Granger 4/30/13
0.3.1 released Chris Granger 3/1/13
Announcing 0.3.0! Chris Granger 2/28/13
Thoughts on migrating back to the JVM Benjamin Conlan 1/28/13
0.2.3 is out Chris Granger 12/6/12
0.2.1 released Chris Granger 12/5/12
Competing in the Node Knockout Chris Granger 11/9/12
Meet the new Light Table Chris Granger 11/7/12
Light Table is on kickstarter! Chris Granger 4/17/12
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