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If you are posting a message on performance issues, please make sure that you do not have variables in global scope in your program. Wrap all your code in a function before timing it. Also, do see the section on Performance Tips in the Julia manual, before posting a performance related question.

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ANN: 0.5.0-rc3 now available Viral Shah 8/24/16
Can someone please update Winston? K leo 8/27/16
does quote...end really create a QuoteNode? Spencer Russell 8/27/16
Pkg.update() error, 0.4.6 Liye zhang 8/27/16
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Hard time with Compat and 0.5 J Luis 8/27/16
ArrayFire.jl - GPU Programming in Julia ran...@juliacomputing.com 8/27/16
RFC: Proposing to freeze METADATA for package versions that support Julia 0.3 Tony Kelman 8/27/16
making julia REPL completions available to vim a. kramer 8/27/16
Syntax to create nested types in Julia varu...@gmail.com 8/27/16
Blob detection and size measurement in Julia? Alex Mellnik 8/27/16
How should I define PhysicalNodes class in Julia differently than I did in Python varu...@gmail.com 8/27/16
Function only causes segfaults inside package...? Chris Rackauckas 8/26/16
DataFrame Manipulation (like dplyr) Help jtwa...@gmail.com 8/26/16
Using rank() and nullspace() with sparse matrix Alex Dowling 8/26/16
gensym() in a macro calling another macro Chang Kwon 8/26/16
Build Error for NLopt Paul JI 8/26/16
Images package: Create and show image Bill Maier 8/26/16
local "_" declared twice Christoph Ortner 8/26/16
Time consuming problem Bohan Zhang 8/26/16
Differential Equations Package digxx 8/26/16
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