Welcome to the Julia Statistics mailing list! We're interested in getting Julia ready for statistical programming as quickly as possible. To do that end, we'd like to focus volunteer effort towards areas with high potential return on investment. Current points of focus include:

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[GLM Probit] Why will glm not converge when stata will? Andrew Newman 2/27/15
fit F distribution Yakir Gagnon 2/26/15
[ANN] Mocha.jl v0.0.7 - Deep Learning framework for Julia Chiyuan Zhang 2/26/15
glm with weights David van Leeuwen 2/26/15
_weighted_error function Dinker Mattam 2/26/15
RCall release with substantially changed design planned - please test Douglas Bates 2/26/15
DataFrames: the most efficient way to read strings with commas as floats Alexander Flyax 2/23/15
Dict{String,Any}[] to DataFrame Michał T. Lorenc 2/20/15
RCall: documentation and looking for a few good generics Douglas Bates 2/19/15
lmrob ? Christophe Meyer 2/19/15
[ANN] RCall package for calling an embedded R from Julia Douglas Bates 2/3/15
mvrnorm Yakir Gagnon 2/2/15
Returning and sub-setting a compound list object in Julia Uche Okeke 1/26/15
[ANN] Lasso.jl Simon Kornblith 1/19/15
ROC.jl Diego Javier Zea 1/13/15
Returning index Alexander Flyax 1/13/15
RCall conventions regarding R's garbage collection Douglas Bates 1/8/15
DataArrays seems to define a / function Douglas Bates 1/7/15
Names of functions exported by RCall Douglas Bates 1/7/15
DataFrames: replace function? Alexander Flyax 1/7/15
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