Welcome to the Julia Statistics mailing list! We're interested in getting Julia ready for statistical programming as quickly as possible. To do that end, we'd like to focus volunteer effort towards areas with high potential return on investment. Current points of focus include:

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OpenBLAS outperforming MKL? Douglas Bates 10:57 AM
Implementing Poisson Inverse Gaussian distribution for Distributions.jl Anon 10/7/16
RCall - error when using R""" chunck of code """ Jan Magnusson 10/4/16
Lora renamed to Klara Theodore Papamarkou 10/2/16
DataFrame and Memory Limitations Michael Smith 9/30/16
Interactions in GLM Johan Sigfrids 9/29/16
Cross-tabulation of categorical variables like "table" function in r parthasarathy ganguly 9/28/16
Controlling all Julia output up to 4 decimal points parthasarathy ganguly 9/28/16
ANN: Query.jl David Anthoff 9/26/16
juliastats.org down David Anthoff 9/23/16
gmean, geomean throw up undefvarError, methoderror respectively varu...@gmail.com 9/23/16
Exporting Statistics output parthasarathy ganguly 9/23/16
statistics parthasarathy ganguly 9/21/16
Factor analysis Jessica Koh 9/21/16
Current state of play re DataFrames, CategoricalArrays, NullableArrays, CSV and all that Douglas Bates 9/15/16
Convert NullableArray w/o nulls to an Array Douglas Bates 9/14/16
reshaping dataframe to make rows columns? Reuben 9/13/16
How to get R DataFrame from quantmod into Julia Reuben 9/4/16
Segmentation Fault while importing "DataFrames" into the current namespace Ayush Pandey 9/3/16
How can l choose the number of bins to plot a histogram for gibbs sampling process? Ahmed Mazari 8/29/16
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