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Wrapping the brotli compression algorithm? Douglas Bates 1:17 AM
Ordering assumptions with combine function for sparse matrix (or vector) construction Scott Jones 10/5/15
@profile gives Segmentation fault in 0.4.0-rc3 Deniz Yuret 10/3/15
Fresh clone gives label 0.5.0-dev+7990 David P. Sanders 10/3/15
Where is the "function" keyword/type implemented in the source code? data.pu...@gmail.com 10/3/15
multi-threading release date ? Bob Zelig 10/2/15
Julia 0.5 discussions: ReshapedArrays and indexing performance Tim Holy 9/28/15
use of $ as xor versus syntactic sugar for DataFrames David van Leeuwen 9/28/15
Robust tests for graphics packages Tom Breloff 9/26/15
cross OS testing for packages Andreas Lobinger 9/25/15
RC David Anthoff 9/23/15
interesting read about high performance concurrency & networking Steven Sagaert 9/23/15
Moving HDF5.jl to JuliaLang? Tim Holy 9/21/15
Having some trouble updating stdlib docs Spencer Russell 9/18/15
Use of GNU libc extensions, such as memmem Scott Jones 9/18/15
ANN: SnoopCompile for faster* package starts (*sometimes) Tim Holy 9/18/15
Did a "switch" get flipped in v0.4 for more aggressive warnings? Randy Zwitch 9/17/15
Apologies for pushing directly to the METADATA.jl repository Douglas Bates 9/16/15
travis 0.3 vs 0.4 David van Leeuwen 9/16/15
METADATA push access limited to Julia committers Stefan Karpinski 9/15/15
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