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embedding on MS using gyp --> link errors Jeff Waller 5/21/15
Documentation issue Scott Jones 5/21/15
Interesting new language called Pony. Possible inspiration for concurrency features in Julia Steven Sagaert 5/21/15
Julia Startup Delay vishnu suganth 5/21/15
@enum types on a 64-bit system (v"0.4-") Douglas Bates 5/20/15
Sampling in Distributions Simon Byrne 5/19/15
how to debug a dispatch error Mauro 5/19/15
Overly "compressed" display Scott Jones 5/19/15
Downloading all packages in JuliaLang Scott Jones 5/18/15
Screwy access violation Scott Jones 5/18/15
Strange results with --track-allocation=all Scott Jones 5/18/15
MLKernels.jl is good, but it's not in the JuliaStats 杜岳華 5/18/15
Proxies and git:// urls Lachlan Gunn 5/17/15
deprecated stack backtrace Scott Jones 5/16/15
Julia for soft (or hard) real-time - state of the GC - usable already? In 0.4 w/new GC Páll Haraldsson 5/16/15
Question: Adding `lcount` to `Base.string.jl` julia.u...@gmail.com 5/16/15
First bug (and fix submission) Scott Jones 5/16/15
Preference for Array{T,1} over Vector{T}? Scott Jones 5/15/15
Documentation on Ref in 0.4? Douglas Bates 5/15/15
Julia 0.3.7 suddenly crashing a lot David Higgins 5/15/15
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