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how to detect a "callable" following the changes introduced by #13412 Jeff Waller 2/4/16
Julia on iOS Scott Jones 2/3/16
converting doc strings to package documentation Douglas Bates 2/2/16
a few things for Float16 (missing from float.jl) Jeffrey Sarnoff 1/31/16
threads slowdown alan souza 1/31/16
persistent objects/collections on the roadmap? Michael Landis 1/31/16
Building on Raspberry Pi Scott Jones 1/31/16
Julia support for Linux distributions that use musl libc albap...@gmail.com 1/30/16
Cannot install package Marcus Baffa 1/29/16
Some breakage due to #13412 (jb/functions) Scott Jones 1/29/16
Code coverage submission broken? Erik Schnetter 1/29/16
Coverage.jl/BaseTestNext.jl/BaseTestDep.jl moved from IainNZ/ to JuliaCI/ Iain Dunning 1/25/16
Julia compilation performance Scott Jones 1/25/16
Using this project as a course project for a third year software engineering class qpr...@mail.uoguelph.ca 1/25/16
Typo in sparse/linalg.jl Scott Jones 1/25/16
cannot build latest 0.4 (codegen.cpp) Federico Calboli 1/25/16
Google Summer of Code 2016 - GSoC2016 Raniere Silva 1/25/16
Create distributed array from a file nae...@ic.ufal.br 1/25/16
Execution tracing ideas (Instrument or not?) Robert Feldt 1/23/16
cache files only readable by user Deniz Yuret 1/21/16
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