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Welcome to JSR-347: Data Grids for the Java Platform!

This mailing list is the primary forum for discussions on the JSR 347 specification, on which the expert group (EG) members and interested third-parties can participate in the development of the standard. It also allows the community to follow the progress and development of Data Grids for the Java Platform.

Our homepage is https://github.com/datagrids/spec/wiki and you can find out more about how the EG works there.

Current Status

Currently the EG for the JSR forming.  We plan to keep the EG formation phase open until the middle of July 2011. At this point we will start with an agenda of items to discuss, APIs to brainstorm over, and the like.

If you know of any other interested parties who would add value to this JSR by being a part of the EG, please do not hesitate to nominate them or encourage them to nominate themselves.

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Software AG seated on 347 Ben Cotton 3/6/14
igniting 347 activity Ben.Cotton 2/24/14
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