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Need Github pull request number as environment variable Cody Ebberson 5:37 PM
Jenkins IIS Reverse Proxy Terry Lacy 3:41 PM
Docker Slaves like plugin Jacob Larsen 3:08 PM
emailext jelly template access changetSet 11:47 AM
Resume pipeline on a different slave Michal Tekel' 6:41 AM
setting the description of a view in pipelines Richard Ginga 5:20 AM
Pipeline uses 2 executors when changing node Andreas Tscharner 4:06 AM
Notify "n Minutes before Job Starts" Vinod Kumar 3:19 AM
Having Jenkins update itself from 2.52 to 2.62 fails, saying it needs Java7 Jeremy Morton 12:38 AM
How to clone a directory from a remote repo in a Jenkins pipeline script? Mark Allison 5/24/17
Gerrit differentiate between a verification build and a merge build John Mellor 5/24/17
ssh agent failing on pipeline script running on slave Aitkiar Salaran 5/24/17
Multibranch pipeline global build number 5/24/17
Recall: Extended E-mail Notification (Email-ext) Default Pre-Send Script and Script Security... kfhickel 5/24/17
Extended E-mail Notification (Email-ext) Default Pre-Send Script and Script Security... Matt Childress 5/24/17
Triggering a multibranch pipeline build from a URL Change Greg Smith 5/24/17
Declarative script: specify build trigger in GUI or script? David Aldrich 5/24/17
Export Jenkins Reports to CVS file 5/24/17
declarative: how can agent { docker { image 'foo:latest' }} really get the latest version? Matt Stave 5/24/17
fileExists on declarative pipeline Thiago Carvalho Davila 5/24/17
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