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Getting error 'FATAL: Failed to recompute children' when trying to build indexes on a multi branch pipeline. isha chishty 12:53 PM
First Jenkins Area Meetup (JAM) in Cologne, Germany on October 17, 2017 Fred G 12:48 PM
Can i run master and slave on same machine Varghese Renny 12:44 PM
Extended Choice Parameter: can it be reactive? Patricio Iglesias 7:21 AM
[Shared library] Global variables in parallel Maciej Gąsiorowski 7:15 AM
Failing builds Kristian X 6:12 AM
Multiple slack calls in a freestyle build Richard Ginga 6:01 AM
Cluster not found: amazon-ecs-plugin bug or misconfiguration? Constantin Caraivan 5:10 AM HTTPS certificate expired Florent 4:44 AM
If you're a Python developer who uses Jenkins to build your project, how do you do this and what technologies do you utilise to help build your Python project? Giles Gaskell 9/25/17
BlueOcean pipeline reuse Jean-Marc Taillant 9/25/17
The IRC just told me "permanent agent" is the new name for "dumb slave", so you don't need to post my question from 10 mins ago. dandeliondodgeball 9/24/17
Not able to find choice to create “dumb slaves”. dandeliondodgeball 9/24/17
String manipulation in sh block Idan Adar 9/24/17
Does 'trigger' directive in pipeline actually mean only retrigger? Vineet Naik 9/24/17
job configuration change affects running jobs Dirk Heinrichs 9/24/17
Scheduling a slave node reboot Chris Packham 9/24/17
Documentation on pipeline Jon Schewe 9/23/17
Fail to install Jenkins slave agent as a service Victoria Wei Lei 9/22/17
How to use podTemplate in a declarative pipeline with the kubernetes-plugin. Vincent Heet 9/22/17
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