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[GSoC 2018] [Student Introduction] Cloud Features for External Work-space Manager Plugin Tarun Pothulapati 2:51 PM
[GSoC 2018] UPDATE for CODE Coverage API Plugin Rajgure Abhishek Sanjay Abhishek Sanjay 1:24 PM
[GSOC 2018] EDA Plugin : Developing a Jenkins Plugin for one of the EDA tools viz FuseSOC Lakhan Shiva 1:22 PM
[GSOC 2018] [Student Introduction & query] Simple Pull-Request Job Plugin Abhishek Gautam 1:35 AM
[Essentials] Collecting usage telemetry from Jenkins Pipeline R Tyler Croy 3/16/18
[Essentials] Using non default locations for builds and workspaces (was: [JENKINS-49406] Evergreen snapshotting data safety system pre-JEP: feedback welcome) Baptiste Mathus 3/16/18
Multibranch event listener for Github PR labels Steven F 3/16/18
[JENKINS-49406] Evergreen snapshotting data safety system pre-JEP: feedback welcome Baptiste Mathus 3/16/18
first draft of a new JEP: Jenkins X: Jenkins for Kubernetes CD James Strachan 3/16/18
Valgrind plugin maintainer out of action 3/16/18
How to make jobs inherit folder properties Miguelangel Fernandez 3/15/18
[Even:Jenkins World 2018] CFP Update alytong13 3/15/18
[GSoc 2018] [Student Introduction] Jenkins Remoting over Message Bus/Queue Pham Vu Tuan 3/15/18
trilead-ssh2 maintainer Ivan Fernandez Calvo 3/14/18
Asking for commiter access to amazon-ecs-plugin Jan Roehrich 3/14/18
Jenkinsci archetypes global-shared-library 3/14/18
[GSoC] 2018 Student Introduction Ibrahim Abdullah 3/14/18
[GSoC 2018] Introduction for Improvements to the Jenkins Acceptance Test Harness Sahil Khan 3/14/18
How can I install a specific version of a plugin using pluginManager? Guy Matz 3/13/18
POTD: Jenkinsfile Runner Kohsuke Kawaguchi 3/12/18
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