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[LTS] - Jenkins 2.7.2 timeline and backporting windows Oleg Nenashev 8:19 AM
@DataBoundConstructor on an abstract class in Plot plugin Markus Axelsson 8:13 AM
LTS RC test plan update ogondza 7:50 AM
Jenkins plugins to push tags to git repo after successful builds piyush joshi 7:18 AM
Backporting for 2.7.1 has started ogondza 6:07 AM
Writing script console sdtout to a log file 5:50 AM
Developing a plugin in Scala Jeremy Marshall 4:58 AM
[GSoC2016] Jenkins WebUI Samat Davletshin 1:44 AM
Building on BitBucket pushes and pull request creates Siddhant Sinha 12:38 AM
Brief maintenance on (mirrors|updates) June 30 00:00 UTC R Tyler Croy 6/29/16
[Plugin dev] Handling JSONObject from config.jelly Tiago Lopes 6/29/16
Where Jenkins stores adjunct static? Jimilian 6/29/16
Question about SCM - getScm() Mads Nielsen 6/29/16
[Blue Ocean] an acceptance test harness Michael Neale 6/28/16
Pipeline as a code events mechanism Ido Gadiel 6/28/16
Groovy DSL arguments pallen 6/28/16
Cannot Load Update Center 6/28/16
[Jenkins World 2016] Early Bird Price ends this Friday alytong13 6/27/16
Request commit access to flaky-test-handler-plugin Steven Peters 6/27/16
I can't use archetype and set java.version to "8" Dan Alvizu 6/27/16
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