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[Announce] Gerrit CI workflow to become a brand-new Jenkins plugin lucamilanesio 12/12/17
Adding config when plugin updates Richard Bywater 12/12/17
docker jenkins plugin - how to gain control over the volumes(bind mounts) mounted on to docker container vamsidhar reddy 12/11/17
Selecting Delegates for the first wave of JEPs Kohsuke Kawaguchi 12/11/17
GitHub MultiBranch building when I create a tag Ryan Campbell 12/10/17
Request for participation: Jenkins Security Officer candidates R Tyler Croy 12/8/17
Required dependencies for JenkinsRule tests of pipelines? Ullrich Hafner 12/8/17
Contributing environment variables in a pipeline job Sridevi Sangaiah 12/7/17
[Plugin] [Review needed] logfilesizechecker-plugin pipeline support Basil Crow 12/7/17
Adopting changes from issue 26100 Lakshmi Narasimhan 12/6/17
Git Bisect Plugin Dor Avraham 12/6/17
December 20 project meeting Daniel Beck 12/6/17
f:select with multiple attribute 12/5/17
Request to add myself as a contributor to our Jenkins plugin 12/5/17
How to persist data in BuildStep's perform method? 司芳源 12/4/17
How do I invoke java method with parameters from jelly page? 司芳源 12/4/17
need help on drop down option Irfan Sayed 12/3/17
Team/repo associations cleanup: You may have lost some permissions today Daniel Beck 12/3/17
Creation of the remoteFs for a slave Francis UPTON IV 12/2/17
Removing the Everyone team in the jenkinsci GitHub org Daniel Beck 12/2/17
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