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CloudRetentionStartegy misses UI config and descriptor Kanstantsin Shautsou 12:05 PM
Proposal : Jenkins to require Java 8 nicolas de loof 5:24 AM
Request for review: flexible-publish #12 Ikedam 4:25 AM
How to prevent saving project's configuration if there are configuration failures? Kirill 3:50 AM
backend-crawler has not run since October Christopher 3/27/15
We must handle security advisories better R Tyler Croy 3/27/15
Plugin hosting request: Vncviewer plugin Dimitri Tenenbaum 3/27/15
Plugin hosting request Abhi 3/27/15
Jenkins - How to assign a master's job to build in slave machine? Parthiban S 3/27/15
Plugin hosting request: AdvancedInstaller Plugin advinst caphyon 3/27/15
Plugin Hosting Request: almasw-modbuilder-plugin Alexis Tejeda 3/26/15
Jenkins User Conference 2015: REGISTRATION IS OPEN alytong13 3/26/15
Override physical path issue for iis website using jenkins msbuild Praveen Ravula 3/26/15
Saving builder parameters Dzmitry Kashlach 3/26/15
AJAX like functionality in jenkins job config Adam Scarborough 3/26/15
Token Macro plugin slide 3/26/15
Jenkins nested view - animation status during the build Cezary Irzykowski 3/26/15
Updateing apache tar streams Olaf Lenz 3/26/15
Plugin hosting request: Jenkins ToscaCI plugin Gregor Hagleitner 3/26/15
radioBlock is not hiding David Richards 3/25/15
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