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JUC West is Next Week!! alytong13 2:26 PM
Referencing jars during maven hpi:run Larry Bordowitz 11:46 AM
Need plugin to contribute its data to environment in every build (novice) Brian Sayatovic 11:44 AM
TransientProjectActionFactory and installation without restart 10:09 AM
Re: Request to on how get "workspace" location from Run object - for workflow compatibilty Mads Nielsen 4:23 AM
ZAP PLUGIN Thilina Madhusanka 4:12 AM
Advices to display tables in plugins Arnaud Héritier 2:52 AM
Revisiting bundled plugins Kohsuke Kawaguchi 1:31 AM
Next Windows Slave Installer release Claus Schneider 12:19 AM
CERT Team Membership request Oleg Nenashev 8/27/15
Plugin Hosting Request - Datadog Build Reporter John Zeller 8/27/15
How to add variable into build environment variables during execution 文宾 王· 8/27/15
Plugin Hosting Request - drupal Fengtan 8/27/15
Python Plugin Jan Niklas Hasse 8/27/15
Queue management by events to dynamicly start or stop virtual machines Jorge Peña Cotarelo 8/27/15
Granting access to a plugin repository Jørgen Tjernø 8/26/15
EOFException when terminating slaves programatically Carlos Sanchez 8/26/15
Hosting request for four new plugins Andrey Stroilov 8/26/15
Jenkins 1.609.3 LTS RC testing started ogondza 8/26/15
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