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Unable to release plugin version Anurag Sen 12:00 AM
Unable to build Jenkins source on Windows Suren G 2/8/16
Plugin installation stats broken? Martin Weber 2/8/16
Renaming a plugin - which steps to take? Martin Weber 2/8/16
I am not a robot - I have been told Thomas S 2/8/16
How to migrate persistent plugin data (ToolInstallation) Martin Weber 2/8/16
Jira down? Mark Waite 2/6/16
[Experiment] Translators team Daniel Beck 2/6/16
simpleBuild - a pipeline DSL (and a sad tale about sandboxes) Michael Neale 2/5/16
Programmatically Create Job instance from Job Template Joseph Ved 2/5/16
Jira Account verification Nikolaus Demmel 2/5/16
Enable html-include macro in the Jenkins tracking system Lars Kruse 2/5/16
Bitbucket Server plugin Tomas Bjerre 2/4/16
Please provide commit access to the gradle-plugin 2/4/16
Adopt request for jenkins-cloudformation-plugin Nathan Good 2/4/16
Backporting for 1.642.2 done ogondza 2/4/16
Jenkins World Call For Paper is Open alytong13 2/4/16
Request hosting for Performance Signature Plugin Raphael Pionke 2/4/16
Cannot read property 'value' of undefined Oscar Serna 2/4/16
Pull request to fix JENKINS-26318 Slawomir Czarko-Wasiutycz 2/4/16
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