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Access to David van Laatum 8:35 PM
Pipeline Syntax page and arguments of type Object David van Laatum 6:51 PM
Unable to access file No such file or directory. Subramanyeswari Ravinutala 7/22/16
How to enable Travis CI for jenkins plugin repo Andrey Pohilko 7/22/16
Looking for maintainer for Accurev plugin project Scott Tatum (statlor) 7/22/16
Jenkins 2.7.2 LTS RC testing started ogondza 7/22/16
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError and java.lang.IllegalStateException, add dependency when build plugin Quang Truong 7/21/16
Jenkins ver. 2.7.1 Permissions Lost in Zip File Nicolas Barlatier 7/21/16
[plugin dev][Cloudbees build service] failed build due to usage of msbuild in pom in Jenkinsci repo 7/21/16
[Blue Ocean] API and UI URL mismatch behind reverse proxy Javier Martín Caro BEEVA 7/21/16
single sign-on/piv authentication Rachel Wilson 7/20/16
Depending choice 42long 7/20/16
How to store the changed value of a parameter back to job configuration. Sanketh P B 7/19/16
BlueOcean REST API security mini-design document vivek 7/19/16
Backporting for 2.7.2 started ogondza 7/19/16
Run Windows Command in Jenkins Plugin 7/19/16
EnvVars: EnvVars.getRemote(channel) does not give all values Dzmitry Kashlach 7/19/16
[pipeline][exclusion-plugin] Trying to make exclusion-plugin work with pipeline-plugin Pierre Lerouge 7/19/16
Plugin Tests Memory Usage (Maybe jenkins rule) Gavin Mogan 7/19/16
Commit access to jenkinsci/extreme-notification-plugin 7/18/16
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