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GitHub and Bitbucket branch source UI refactoring Stephen Connolly 9:10 AM
[Blue Ocean] Getting 403 when trying to create pipeline Th3Alibi 7:15 AM
Plugin project action NullPointerException after Jenkins restart Matej Artač 6/21/17
Releasing additional artifacts alongside the plugin .hpi ogondza 6/20/17
LTS branch for packaging Daniel Beck 6/20/17
Determining the cell color of the stage in progress for the pipeline view plugin Aditya Joshi 6/19/17
[Adopt a plugin] - Version Number Plugin Deniz Bahadir 6/19/17
[Adopt a plugin] - schedule-build-plugin 6/19/17
[Adopt a plugin] - Filesystem SCM plugin Oleg Nenashev 6/19/17
[periodicbackup-plugin] - Temporary ownership request Oleg Nenashev 6/19/17
How I can avoid optional plugin B being installed along with plugin A? Kirill 6/19/17
Proposal: open the flood gates for all Plugins' Pipelines on R Tyler Croy 6/18/17
Plugin compatibility when adding a class Christian McHugh 6/18/17
ec2 plugin - no more automatic download of the JDK Francis UPTON IV 6/16/17
Remote Parameterized Trigger Plugin Kevin Phillips 6/15/17
Need to use a JAR in Jenkins Groovy setup scripts Kirill 6/15/17
Backporting for LTS 2.60.1 started ogondza 6/14/17
Issue with Jenkins.SESSION_HASH with 2.65 Ivan Meredith 6/14/17
Creating new account at Mirek S 6/14/17
Jenkins 2.60.1 LTS RC testing started ogondza 6/14/17
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