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Hosting a new Plugin - Jenkins Lint Victor Martinez 10:12 AM
Hosting a new Plugin - Plugin Stats Victor Martinez 10:07 AM
Plugin installed but not shown in the job configuration Rafael Ribeiro Rezende 3:13 AM
Which extension point / Descriptor to start from Daniil B 3:11 AM
Workflow Plugin and Snippet Generator Gregory Symons 3:06 AM
FilePath and remote slave tasks. pallen 2:31 AM
Jenkins Coverity Plugin Mainterner Franco Rossi 2:14 AM
Automatic Build for Jenkins / lib-jenkins-maven-embedder is broker / badly configured Christophe Lallement 2:10 AM
The JenkinsCI CodeCamp & User Event Scandinavia 2015 Adam Henriques 1:55 AM
Modifying view page with plugin Daniil B 1:53 AM
Sonar-plugin intialization error Ivo Bellin Salarin 1:51 AM
no parent set on ProjectType Ivo Bellin Salarin 1:48 AM
ItemListener, onLocationChanged, modifying job property and saving. Result: after shutdown the modified property keeps the old value Ramón Rial 1:41 AM
I'd like to take over maintenance of the GitHub OAuth Plugin Sam Gleske 1:33 AM
Plugin jobs configured to pick up findbugs and checkstyle reports Robert Sandell 1:15 AM
Oh, Meister... Martin Weber 7/4/15
Require Hosting for Grafana plugin Mayank Saini 7/4/15
Plugin hosting request - parameter pool plugin Damien Biggs 7/4/15
[Request hosting new plugin] sftp-get-ssh-plugin Félix Belzunce Arcos 7/3/15
@reviewbybees pull requests Daniel Beck 7/3/15
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