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Re: Fetching GitHub Committer Email ID: slide 10:18 AM
New plugin request for feedback: Execute a script every time a build gets deleted 9:31 AM
Install-stats for Nov missing for some plugins... Martin Weber 6:30 AM
Request for feedback (Git Plugin) iwarapter 4:25 AM
Request for participation: Jenkins Security Officer candidates R Tyler Croy 12/9/16
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/servlet/ServletContextListener Daniel Serodio 12/9/16
Is there an API to get builds location Tal Yanai 12/9/16
commit access to scm-sync-configuration-plugin Marat Mavlyutov 12/9/16
Jenkins 2.32.1 LTS RC testing started ogondza 12/9/16
HockeyApp Plugin Maintainer Darragh Sherwin 12/8/16
Need a code review for node-js plugin Nikolas Falco 12/8/16
Docker volume do not work as expected when used from shell script Abhijit Vaidya 12/7/16
[DISCUSS] Time for Jenkins to require Java 8 to run Baptiste Mathus 12/7/16
Developer documentation overhaul Daniel Beck 12/7/16
Jenkins page not found paloma galan 12/7/16
Receive an HTTP Post request and access it's contents for a parameterized build Oli Spicer 12/7/16
Office 365 connector plugin:Notification Error and Local host running in notification message KaliRajan G 12/7/16
Jenkinc-ci account recovery Wilder Rodrigues 12/7/16
SSH slaves plugin and ipv6 node ogondza 12/6/16
How can a plugin save output when running in pipeline Christian McHugh 12/6/16
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