Hint.css is a tooltip library in CSS only!

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Hint.css v2.0 coming up! kushagra gour 11/25/15
What would you like next in Hint.css? kushagra gour 8/31/14
Hint.css version 1.3.2 released kushagra gour 5/18/14
v1.3.0 released! kushagra gour 8/4/13
2000 stargazers on HINT.css project kushagra gour 4/11/13
Hint.css v1.2.1 released. IE is now supported! kushagra gour 3/24/13
Hint.css v1.2.0 released! kushagra gour 3/3/13
Hint doesn't dissappear after link is clicked Gary Collins 6/15/16
Alternative responsive solution David Condrey 2/23/16
Hint.css making a scrollbar Marco Baele 9/15/15
HTML inside data-hint attr Frangeris Peguero 6/15/14
Smart Placement Salim Ansari 6/13/14
We use hint.css at SDSLabs Pravendra Singh 11/3/13
Hint.css on a CDN Dmitriy Akulov 6/1/13
apply css inside data-hint ??? spatafore 5/19/13
Line-Break in Hint Markus Weber 5/8/13
request: font size and box-shadow controlled in the variables spatafore 5/7/13
applying max-width to hint body Dennis van den Driesschen 3/7/13
Hint.css v1.1.1 released. kushagra gour 2/24/13