Friends of Yehuda Moon

Thanks for stopping by! This Google Group is dedicated to (re)reading the Internet-based cycling-related comic strip Yehuda Moon, which ran from 2008 until the beginning of 2013 with occasional hiatuses. It was dearly loved and by the end had attracted a regular crowd of readers and commenters. Several of us were interested in reading the strip from the beginning and have taken to doing it here. We hope you'll join us for the entertainment and the discussion!

Happy reading and happy cycling!

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General Discussion Thread CyclingFool 5/19/14
Welcome! CyclingFool 3/7/13
12/31/2009-Old Self CyclingFool 1/20/15
12/30/2009-Reunited CyclingFool 1/20/15
12/29/2009-Repairs CyclingFool 1/20/15
12/28/2009-A Little Worse for Wear CyclingFool 1/20/15
12/27/2009-Arm CyclingFool 1/20/15
12/26/2009-Rescued CyclingFool 1/20/15
12/25/2009-Found CyclingFool 1/20/15
12/24/2009-See Me! CyclingFool 1/20/15
12/23/2009-Action CyclingFool 1/20/15
12/22/2009-Dazed and Confused CyclingFool 1/20/15
12/21/2009-Lights -- Police and Dynamo CyclingFool 1/20/15
12/20/2009-Signal CyclingFool 1/15/15
12/19/2009-Realizations CyclingFool 1/15/15
12/18/2009-Found It? CyclingFool 1/15/15
12/17/2009-Digging for Wheels CyclingFool 1/15/15
12/16/2009-Freeze CyclingFool 1/15/15
12/15/2009-(Ar)rest CyclingFool 1/15/15
12/14/2009-Thinking in Circles? CyclingFool 1/15/15
12/13/2009-Remote CyclingFool 1/15/15
12/12/2009-Digging Out CyclingFool 1/14/15
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