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Does the development of is stopped ? David Gomez 2/10/16
firebug 2.0.14 not showing all code... Viking NM 2/9/16
"Get Your Swarm!" link is broken Eric 2/8/16
Firebug 2.0.14 Jan Honza Odvarko 2/7/16
CSS values missing Mahks 2/5/16
How does Firebug read style sheets? als 2/2/16
Firebug UI location binding to tab/window Evgeny Satanovsky 2/2/16
Editing webpage .. Not able to find correct page to be modified Waqas Ahmed Khan 1/28/16
Firebug 2.0.13 Jan Honza Odvarko 1/26/16
Firebug will not open/start James Gallagher 1/26/16
Firebug zoomed out TINY and I can't fix it! 1/25/16
Inspecting wrappers with Firebug tech55541 1/24/16
when firebug console is open i can't click or perform any action on page... Dinesh Nakum 1/22/16
"Break on all errors" doesn't work reliably 1/17/16
My CSS rules keep disappearing tech55541 1/17/16
CONNECT Method shows up as GET Paul Vilarino 1/13/16
Receiving time in Firebug fred 1/10/16
How to "catch" the dragged item? БлагоѨръ Тишина̀ 1/10/16
NetworkError: need help tracking this down Thom 1/8/16
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