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Debugging a forked perl process in emacs should open a new buffer yary 12/7/12
[EMACS-PERL] Fwd: cperl-mode - how people outline their code? LanX 4/24/10
[EMACS-PERL] hs-minor-mode multiple regexes for START and END of folding LanX 4/17/10
Re: [EMACS-PERL] PerlySense (was: SPAM & perlysense) Joseph Brenner 12/4/09
SPAM & perlysense LanX 11/30/09
Seeking better mailing list hosting Joseph Brenner 10/11/09
Fwd: In emacs 23 compile-mode doesn't recognize (c)perl error messages LanX 10/8/09
perlnow.el 0.41 is out Joseph Brenner 10/6/09
other emacs groups/mailing lists? LanX 9/21/09
regex-tool.el and regex converter LanX 9/20/09
folding/filtering by level of indentation? LanX 9/8/09
another try at sepia Joseph Brenner 8/21/09
customizing emacs with perl: Text::Autoformat Joseph Brenner 8/14/09
basic sepia questions Joseph Brenner 8/14/09
Re: sepia questions and emacs-perl discussion group Joseph Brenner 8/14/09
Mapping TAB to dabbrev-expand in cperl-mode without loosing indentation functionality LanX 8/13/09
[perlmonks] Re: Komodo 5.1 versus the others. LanX 8/13/09
My emacs/perl setup Fred Moyer 8/13/09
Perlmonk threads concerning emacs LanX 8/12/09
[sepia-repl] Syntax highlighting? LanX 8/10/09
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