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Question about new survey objects in e-prime 3 Jonathan Pettibone 1/19/18
Cheated Feedback betty...@gmail.com 1/19/18
Wisconsin card sorting test maaike b 1/19/18
How to have a feedback in the same slide? neel...@gmail.com 1/19/18
E-Prime Dongle not recognized by Windows10 cery...@gmail.com 1/18/18
Mouse click to choose four alternative responses, collecting RT and specific response data Shanthi Kumarage 1/15/18
Simple object.RT - fixed value inline (EP 2.0) jv 1/14/18
Study/Recall test syntax face...@gmail.com 1/13/18
EP3 sound Hank Jedema 1/12/18
Continous sliding bar for ratings David Maillet 1/11/18
Referencing user input in experiment from echo box or other method arm...@uchicago.edu 1/9/18
Problems with E-Prime extension for Tobii CRASHING Ionut Mone 1/9/18
Visual metronome Phonology & Reading Lab Manager 1/3/18
How to connect the "age" factor with an external database, depending on the age of each participant? Marco A. López 12/26/17
Sound recording problems with 2 microphones Özge Bozkurt 12/26/17
How to Add a Joystick in Eprime 3.0 Lauren Banker 12/22/17
Presenting multiple images at once on E-prime (mouse click response) Sabou Alexandra 12/19/17
Combining correct response and jump labels. two...@ajou.ac.kr 12/18/17
Displaying a countdown timer for participants Joseph Williams 12/15/17
How to use attribute in the script Reut Zabag 12/14/17
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