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onset delay in slide with soundIn and picture Viqui 5:07 AM
Dynamic Choice presentation based on previous responses Samuel West 8/21/17
Go, No-Go experiment design Veena Kamble 8/21/17
How to show a record of the previous results and responses (choices) in the new trial Yixiang Xu 8/21/17
Additonal Border colours needed aileen....@mail.dcu.ie 8/21/17
EPrime 2.0 closes itself without error messages when I access the file created by it. Lilla.v. 8/20/17
EPrime instantly closes itself whenever I try to access the file which I just created using it. Lilla.v. 8/19/17
error message: dll function not found Lorig K 8/17/17
x y coordinates Rebecca Webb 8/17/17
Solutions for implicit WaitForVerticalBlank in Canvas drawing kennethos...@u.northwestern.edu 8/16/17
Variable buffer size Michelle Ferrill 8/15/17
Feedback + repeating incorrect trials Sarah Dreyer-Oren 8/12/17
Unable to open DX Target Samyak Raj Mehta 8/12/17
E-Prime Weekly Livestreams Devon Struthers 8/11/17
e-primer book Lorig K 8/10/17
Mac version of e perime Tans 8/9/17
How to enable mouse as input response? aileen....@mail.dcu.ie 8/8/17
invalid displayframethresholdstimdisplay value Error: 11076 Katie Young 8/4/17
E-Prime Support Notification for Windows 10 Users: “Unable to obtain a valid refresh rate” McFarlane, David 8/4/17
Eprime 2 SP2 not obtaining valid refresh rate from GeForce 730 card (win10) despite latest drivers Jim Bjork 8/4/17
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