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set several TMS pulses during a display that has random duration Mariam Kostandyan 6/28/17
Error Unable to perform license operations! San Nicolas Johnatan 6/27/17
Touchscreen responsive areas and feedback with different times Jéssica M. 6/26/17
Getting mouse click response on an image Tan 6/23/17
Trying to run an 1.2 experiment on a 2.0 E-prime version Aline 6/22/17
Feedback display for selected condition Tan 6/22/17
Different timing in one slide Esther Jesús Ortiz 6/22/17
Stimuli turns blank for the remaining time with response Crystal Law 6/22/17
What is the corresponding timing audit for NetStation's SendTrialEvent? saup...@gmail.com 6/22/17
E-prime Extensions for Net Statoin and tobii Scott Huberty 6/22/17
E-Prime Support Notification for Windows 10 Users: “Unable to obtain a valid refresh rate” McFarlane, David 6/20/17
Eprime 2 SP2 not obtaining valid refresh rate from GeForce 730 card (win10) despite latest drivers Jim Bjork 6/20/17
Feedback for only selected conditions Tan 6/16/17
ONLY giving feedback when response is incorrect sli...@students.claremontmckenna.edu 6/16/17
Set up a procedure after a list Esther Jesús Ortiz 6/15/17
Reversing an Integer or String Alex 6/14/17
how to score the tower of hanoi task jv 6/14/17
Divide stimuli in a List Object, assign stimuli to two blocks bah3...@gmail.com 6/12/17
Stimuli presentation timing issue Stephen Pierzchajlo 6/8/17
Logging a Response to Stimulus During Fixation Cross Darla 6/8/17
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