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Response options: Allowable all numbers less than 100 Tamar Bacon 1:53 PM
Display setting problem Diana Martínez Cancino 9:05 AM
Re-running incorrect trials without appending at the end of a list ? Luc 11/19/15
New to E-Prime! Help with randomization of item presentation. Miguel Arce 11/18/15
Record order of two clicks in visual search task Robert Sall 11/18/15
Two lists, and creating a pair of items in random order Alberto Torre 11/17/15
audio file Elisabetta Ambron 11/17/15
EET inline script Courtney GB 11/16/15
randomly picking stimuli from 1 list in different procedures without using twice the same stimulus Naomi Vanlessen 11/13/15
Image Resolution Lauren Ashley Jessica Kirby 11/13/15
how to display 20 stimuli, then give break, then continue on with next 20, then give break, etc. LKem 11/11/15
How do I present a sound while quickly alternating images? Nathan Coolidge 11/11/15
Help selecting the correct Attribute João Ferreira 11/10/15
Loading Movie Display Ananth Narayanan 11/9/15
New to E-prime Programming, Help with Syntax Meaning? Reed Maxwell 11/8/15
Help! Sending triggers to biopac at ~30 specified points during continuous play of a 5-minute movie Anna Prescott 11/8/15
Triggers not sending to Curry 7 for only half of my experiments Jenna Luque 11/7/15
Help with Runtime error Diane C 11/6/15
Pause experiment? Ingeborg Sophie Ribu 11/3/15
Hazard functions Alie Male 11/2/15
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