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E-Prime 3 and Windows 10 Tablets Christopher Draheim 10/19/17
How to control flow within conditions? Bella Do 10/17/17
Load items based on response given/recorded data Petra Marcotti 10/16/17
Trying to ensure the same image category is not shown consecutively Courtney 10/13/17
mouse click with time limit Alice V. 10/13/17
using ebasic to replace all instances of "\" in a string with "\\"? jlar...@utk.edu 10/12/17
'Unable to load sound 203' Jacob Stafford 10/12/17
Sound Out won't stop repeating Lisa Vittorio 10/11/17
Assigning a trigger to an image display Chris D'Lauro 10/10/17
TestStim Error Chris D'Lauro 10/5/17
emotion recognition eprime template Helio Cuve 10/5/17
Keyboard Response Triggers Courtney 10/3/17
Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART) Pili Fdez 10/3/17
Inputting sound during image display aileen....@mail.dcu.ie 10/2/17
Self-reported probes in the experiment with text reading Natalia Dubinkina 9/28/17
Animation and movie Alec Fields 9/26/17
Error while running samples given in E-prime 3.0 Pramod Gaur 9/26/17
Factor Error: No such attribute. Chao Han 9/25/17
About task events error, Nmber 16003 남상규 9/25/17
Data files different for different users? (eprime pro 2.0) vacanine...@gmail.com 9/18/17
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