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Uploading to E-Prime Celeste Linguere Johnston 8/28/15
Use of Summation to calculate block accuracy and repeat block or move on Val Karuzis 8/27/15
Attribute Value Mistake Wang.Z.H 8/27/15
Diagnostic Mode - cannot find the HASP License Manager Maria L. Stavrinou 8/25/15
Size limit for experiment files? (constant crashing) ahme...@gmail.com 8/20/15
Timing question Hank Jedema 8/20/15
E-prime on multiple screens jens 8/17/15
Water Jug Problem James Mills 8/11/15
Invalid Structure Element Name Kacie Mennie 8/11/15
changing instructions based on counterbalance condition melisa akan 8/11/15
Delaying audio onset while a slide is played` Jackie Dickmann 8/11/15
Stimulus duration pegged to average RT huw....@gmail.com 8/11/15
Alter stimulus appearance based on subject's response Kevin McCarthy 8/11/15
InLine Script Placement kate Barford 8/11/15
Setting value of text field in FeedbackDisplay object / terminating procedure on button press Emotion Cognition Lab 8/7/15
Feedback after block mia.wa...@gmail.com 8/7/15
Adaptation of Computer E-Prime Task to Tablet Kat A 8/3/15
E Prime Audio and Visual sync Rukmangathan TM 7/30/15
How can I present total money won after each trial? Hyunok Kim 7/30/15
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