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Card Sort Randomization Ashley Loyning 8/24/16
Problem with hit Test Hans Haslinger 8/24/16
Echo eyetracking data to screen? saup...@gmail.com 8/23/16
Response devices Tobias 8/22/16
Select instructions based on startup info saup...@gmail.com 8/20/16
Track status window throughout study Jenny Lu 8/18/16
Do nothing for clicking the "Default" area of a Slide PHILLIP M Mahoney 8/17/16
Update Screen with VAS Jamie Josephs 8/16/16
Experiment Interstimulus Interval + NetStation Karen RM 8/16/16
Pausing Movies in Prime Debby Zemlock 8/15/16
Random stimulus pairing and feedback T Man 8/15/16
Scope of a variable Gouraud Jonas 8/12/16
Mirror text Lauren Varona 8/12/16
Looking for some who knows how to program using E Prime Lobsang Rapgay 8/9/16
E-prime crash "out of memory" Ashley Loyning 8/8/16
Does anybody have executive function related tasks on E-Prime? gilis 8/8/16
Limited response time to the stimulus Nazanin Mohammadi 8/8/16
live data viewing in EET isu....@gmail.com 8/7/16
Restoring Toolbars in Interface Window Devin Plant 8/6/16
Serial.WriteInteger Tobias...@gmail.com 8/5/16
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