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Using Order Object to specify a trial from a list object loaded from a text file mca...@umich.edu 5/1/15
How to get the IP address seapsy 4/29/15
Timing issues MIsabel Cardeñosa 4/29/15
16002: An attempt was made to write to a port configured for input mca...@umich.edu 4/29/15
change video size in e-prime Jessica Hall 4/27/15
responses after stimulus presentation ajestudillo 4/27/15
TerminateCondition - want to use the termination state in code Liz Chrastil 4/27/15
SRBox - no response Cristina Trifan 4/27/15
Audio + Movie together Theodore Teow 4/26/15
URGENT: Port Device Address??? FERNANDO LÚCIO 4/24/15
script stops working when inserted in a List Giorgio Alfarano 4/24/15
Exporting edat file to R Sagi G 4/23/15
How to send mouse response triggers to parallel port? Casey P 4/22/15
Weird list order issue Max Cantor 4/22/15
ClearView Support for E-Prime Extension for Tobii Lauren Gulley 4/21/15
No error msg? Copy list attributes from unreferenced to referenced lists depending on startup input Laine 4/21/15
Using mouse to select answers/color changes Rivkah Frolich 4/21/15
Parallels Christopher Stevens 4/20/15
Sensitivity keyboard vs. mouse? CAMILLA GUSTAFSSON 4/20/15
conditional feedback Carlo Sestieri 4/20/15
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