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Trail making Test Hye Jin Na 1/15/17
Representing cursor movement on the screen Huma Namal 1/15/17
Duration, variables and attributes Eunchan Na 1/15/17
Fixed duration in reoccuring timeset trials! IDEAS? K.O. 1/13/17
Background Colour of a SlideObject Alessia Coppola 1/13/17
Logging presses and releases Giulia Daniela Utzeri 1/13/17
Video stimulus - limited response interval Dragan Glavaš 1/12/17
Taking a image from a List Rafael Albert 1/12/17
Use a list as a array Rafael Albert 1/12/17
I am new to using EPrime extension of Tobii Eye Tracker. Please help. Aarushi Agarwal 1/12/17
Re: Using OnsetSignal/OffsetSignal to send conditional signal at stimulus onset PHILLIP M Mahoney 1/11/17
Spatially separated tasks: presenting an image-word stimulus on the left and a text on the right Alessia Coppola 1/11/17
touchscreen microsoft surface pro 4 Michele M. 1/10/17
Automatically add the computer name or some other unique identifier to the edat2 file Chris Blais 1/9/17
Grammaticality Judgment:How to show items, rated ungrammatical by the subject, again at the end? wojc...@gmail.com 1/9/17
E-Prime & TET: Sending an event marker to .gazedata Alan Hartley 1/6/17
Stereo channel presentation Laura Morett 1/6/17
Re: Is there any manual about Canvas or drawing? McFarlane, David 1/5/17
Questions on Feedback Issues and End-Blocks Justus Aw 12/26/16
triggering biosemi eeg system with parallel port -- parallel port on new computer not working Lauren Bylsma 12/21/16
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