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Problem with shell seapsy 8:29 AM
Not recording responses when Feedback Slide is included (using InLine script) Clark 9/27/16
Key E-Prime Luis Casado Aranda 9/27/16
Fwd: randomization and weight Nathaly Stern 9/26/16
license codelicense USB of E-Prime Luis Casado Aranda 9/26/16
adding text display within counterbalancing lists Jinjia Lin 9/25/16
Renaming tages in acquired signal Navi 9/25/16
selecting random stimuli from a list and using these stim to run across all blocks katrina sabah 9/25/16
Record blink rate via laptop webcam before, during, and after a task? Jessica McGovern 9/23/16
Joystick task code bug Christian Potter 9/22/16
How to define which areas can be clicked on a slide? Marie-France 9/21/16
button response does not correspond to correct image Jinjia Lin 9/20/16
Response times for multiple responses in E-prime graa...@gmail.com 9/20/16
Serial Response Box and Windows 10 Valentina Bruno 9/20/16
Error Unable to perform license operations! San Nicolas Johnatan 9/19/16
BlockList not Randomizing mori...@d.umn.edu 9/16/16
E-prime Extensions for Net Statoin and tobii Scott Huberty 9/15/16
Voice key and key press? Ingeborg Sophie Ribu 9/15/16
Help with psychomotor task Christian Potter 9/14/16
Automatically add the computer name or some other unique identifier to the edat2 file Chris Blais 9/14/16
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