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This group is where we talk about the IANA-registered Collection+JSON media type and various implementation details.

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Proposal: Validations Extension to the Data Array Geoff Lanotte 2/18/15
Constraint on top-level 'href'? Carles Jove i Buxeda 2/17/15
PyCollectionJSON Ian Evans 2/3/15
Introducing Collection+JSON Rails Carles Jove i Buxeda 2/2/15
Read-only collection Paul Bouwer 1/26/15
Using Collection+JSON to represent & control hardware Marc Christensen 1/22/15
Nested ALPS descriptors and Collection+JSON Jens von Preußen 1/15/15
CollectionJson Serializer Ruby gem released Carles Jove i Buxeda 1/14/15
What's the current thinking on "data" array elements whose "value" needs to be an array/object itself? Michael Dunn 1/12/15
Re: BioALPS for biological/genome science Mike Amundsen 1/9/15
Relating heterogeneous items Trevor Leffler 12/3/14
Ruby Libraries for Collection+JSON Carles Jove i Buxeda 11/28/14
How to process Cj in front-end? kkw 11/18/14
Is there an existing CJ extension that types the data in a CJ item template? Dustin Getz 11/17/14
looking for working example (frontend and backend) Dustin Getz 11/13/14
Eiffel Support Site using CJ javier hector 11/12/14
Is there an alternative to the "data" as an array Jonathan Channon 11/12/14
app state transitions - heterogeneous collections vs links to resources that are relationship representations? tom_b 10/23/14
Next round of updates to the extension spec Glenn Block 10/17/14
Posted our issue tracker API in the cloud and a walkthrough Glenn Block 10/16/14
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