Welcome to ClojureDC!

We are a group of friendly Clojurians focused on helping beginners find their bearings, learning lessons from experienced Clojure developers through lightning talks and presentations, and generally improving the quality of code we produce.

We meet on the third Tuesday of every month at the LivingSocial headquarters located at 1445 New York Ave. NW Washington, DC 20005. ~6-9pm, but we won't start until at least 6:30pm.

This list will serve to coordinate the group as well as discuss how we ought to function. The organizers are not much more than that, what matters is what you want to learn about. If you have any Clojure-related questions, reach out!

Job postings should be clearly labeled as such and posted no more than once per month.

Thank you for joining and we hope to see you soon!
Chris & Matt

~~~~~ Connect with us ~~~~~

Not in DC? Our friends over at CapClug meet in Reston, VA!

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