Welcome to the ChAirGest Google Group.

The website is live at this address:

Please feel free to ask any questions about the challenge and its related dataset in this group.

The Corpus is available to download upon request.

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Final evaluation Ying Yin 8/17/13
Performance Evaluation - A sample program Simon Ruffieux 8/6/13
Baseline result Ying Yin 7/31/13
Output result Ying Yin 7/4/13
Details about program execution Ying Yin 6/18/13
Converted data for Xsens Ying Yin 6/18/13
Error when extracting PID-0000000009.rar Ying Yin 5/23/13
Mapping skeleton points to depth image points Ying Yin 5/14/13
Link for the website Simon Ruffieux 3/15/13
Welcome to the ChAirGest Google Group Simon Ruffieux 2/12/13