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OpenCV4Android group will be blocked starting from Jan 21 Kirill Kornyakov 1/16/13
OpenCV is testing its new place for questions Kirill Kornyakov 6/25/12
Samples not working on Motorola Droid Matt 5/30/12
OpenCV Manager 2.4.7 beta test Alexander Smorkalov 11/3/13
OpenCV Manager beta test Alexander Smorkalov 9/13/13
Conversation focal distance from mm to pixels Aleksey Odinochenko 7/18/13
What i'm doing wrong, using cv::Rodrigues? Aleksey Odinochenko 3/14/13
Grabbing speed using OpenCV2.3.1 Philipp 3/7/13
Re: Problems with equalizeHist function Andrey Pavlenko 1/17/13
Re: Android NDK: Unsupported host architecture: Andrey Pavlenko 1/17/13
Re: after import opencv library, Error won't go away! Andrey Pavlenko 1/17/13
Re: OpenCV4Android conversion from MatOfKeyPoint to MatOfPoint2f Andrey Pavlenko 1/16/13
Re: Tegra 3 + OpenCV for Android + with neon only 12% faster Kirill Kornyakov 1/16/13
apk file has stopped srikanta mondal 1/10/13
use facetime camera with OpenCV4Android 2.4.3 He Jibo 1/8/13
Re: Mat.inv() doesnt work Andrey Pavlenko 1/8/13
unable to run Face detection example in OpenCV4Android He Jibo 1/8/13
Re: Is cvCreateFileCapture supported on android? srikanta mondal 1/4/13
Why is it recommended not to use Mat put method, but Mat.setTo() instead. Linda Li 12/31/12
Re: [OpenCV4Android] Not able to read an image using imread() in Highgui Alexander Smorkalov 12/29/12
OpenCV panorama - tracking camera movement Spooky 12/26/12
The Android app using OpenCV sometimes crashes. Is it because memory is used too much? Linda Li 12/25/12
Which apk(s) to be installed? jiapei100 12/19/12
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