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OpenCV4Android group will be blocked starting from Jan 21 Kirill Kornyakov 1/16/13
OpenCV is testing its new place for questions Kirill Kornyakov 6/25/12
Samples not working on Motorola Droid Matt 5/30/12
OpenCV Manager 2.4.7 beta test Alexander Smorkalov 11/3/13
OpenCV Manager beta test Alexander Smorkalov 9/13/13
Conversation focal distance from mm to pixels Aleksey Odinochenko 7/18/13
What i'm doing wrong, using cv::Rodrigues? Aleksey Odinochenko 3/14/13
Grabbing speed using OpenCV2.3.1 Philipp 3/7/13
motorola mb525 Could not find class '' An an Zhao 1/19/13
what should be minimum configuration of android phpne to run face detection opencv apps in android phone. like what should be ram, what should be camera resolution ,procesor and other configuration of android phone? vikas vasani 1/19/13
Problems with equalizeHist function itsmike 1/17/13
Android NDK: Unsupported host architecture: Andy Percept 1/17/13
after import opencv library, Error won't go away! Sisyphus Sisyphus 1/17/13
OpenCV4Android conversion from MatOfKeyPoint to MatOfPoint2f manjuna16 1/16/13
Tegra 3 + OpenCV for Android + with neon only 12% faster Benfred 1/16/13
Imgproc.convexityDefects questions. Why it can't work. Feiyun 1/15/13
Realtime processing camera frames in an async way 1/11/13
apk file has stopped srikanta mondal 1/10/13
How to use HOG descriptor on Android Antonius Harijanto 1/9/13
image quality opencv4android preview vs. phone camera app preview jjbluesky 1/9/13
UVC Camera and OpenCV 2.4.3 for Android 4.2 Adnan Khalid 1/8/13
use facetime camera with OpenCV4Android 2.4.3 He Jibo 1/8/13
Mat.inv() doesnt work Manuel Reinacher 1/8/13
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