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This forum serves users of VPython, an easy to use 3D programming environment for Python: see vpython.org.

If you would like others to see a program you've written, post a note that starts with "VPDEMO:". Then users can "Search for topics" with the keyword VPDEMO to find such programs.

User discussions used to be handled by a mailing list. Here are the archives.

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Cubulus Game Jean-Hadrien Damay 5/3/16
VPython weird action Milad K 4/28/16
Jupyter Education Survey John 4/27/16
VPython history Bruce Sherwood 4/27/16
Jupyter VPython 0.3.8 now with attach_trail and attach_arrow Bruce Sherwood 4/25/16
Writing glowscript Paul Camp 4/21/16
Using trail Frederic M. 4/19/16
Animated or movie background jason....@pavegen.co.uk 4/18/16
Visual gdisplay (graph) with scrolling x axis roll jason....@pavegen.co.uk 4/18/16
VPDEMO: Surface plots of function f(x,y) on the rectangular domain in Jupyter Vpython Michal Kaukič 4/17/16
Building VPython 6 on debian sid Frederic M. 4/16/16
Error in import vpython Sequencer 4/11/16
crash when try to run sample vpython code under WinXP(python 2.7.9 and VPython6.11) asm warrior 4/11/16
Jupyter VPython 0.3.5; Binder Bruce Sherwood 4/9/16
Jupyter VPython 0.3.0 Bruce Sherwood 4/5/16
Python 3.5 with Spyder joesm...@gmail.com 3/26/16
Sphere radius seems to not be set properly Matija Han 3/24/16
Jupyter VPython 0.2.0b16 now available Bruce Sherwood 3/22/16
Multiple Windows Brad Strassburger 3/13/16
Adding Sound Brad Strassburger 3/10/16
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