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This forum serves users of VPython, an easy to use 3D programming environment for Python: see vpython.org.

If you would like others to see a program you've written, post a note that starts with "VPDEMO:". Then users can "Search for topics" with the keyword VPDEMO to find such programs.

User discussions used to be handled by a mailing list. Here are the archives.

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Pyramid Vertices coordinates Andrea Borruso 1/21/17
mismatch between display and position value of objects Haim Edri 1/15/17
VPython missing visual module on clean install jdk...@anderson.edu 1/13/17
Export scene as a single OBJ file or access vertex data and normal data to use when writing my exporter. Noobs DeSroobs 1/13/17
VPython for Python 3.6 sophie.r...@gmail.com 1/9/17
Jupyter no longer works on one computer but does on the other heafnerj 1/9/17
VPython not showing under New in Jupyter notebook heafnerj 1/7/17
New GlowScript version 2.3 Bruce Sherwood 1/4/17
pythonw.exe has stopped working when calling sphere() (samsung ativ smart pc, win 8.1) Konstantin Pavlov 12/28/16
VPython not rendering position changes Sam McCormack 12/21/16
Can't import the module AugustoDRA 12/16/16
problem`s causes.. 별과바람 12/7/16
I want to create this... 별과바람 12/7/16
biot-savart`s law problem 별과바람 12/6/16
What is problem?.. yark 12/5/16
How can I make this program? yark 12/4/16
program don`t running green 12/4/16
arrow objects causing halts when added to compound erk...@gmail.com 11/25/16
why i can't use compound in python shell Tayseer Hassan 11/14/16
is there any website to get some help about programming? 진영광 11/10/16
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