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This forum serves users of VPython, an easy to use 3D programming environment for Python: see vpython.org.

If you would like others to see a program you've written, post a note that starts with "VPDEMO:". Then users can "Search for topics" with the keyword VPDEMO to find such programs.

User discussions used to be handled by a mailing list. Here are the archives.

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Looking for a faster way to create a custom shape by compounding triangles Russell Kramer 2:06 PM
7.3.0: faster rotations; improved compatibility with GlowScript VPython Bruce Sherwood 12/9/17
vertices an.youn...@gmail.com 12/8/17
Odd rendition fgra...@gmail.com 12/8/17
Another oddity fgra...@gmail.com 12/8/17
.stl file for 3D-printing Poul Riis 11/29/17
Air resistance/sliders problem Kar Tio 11/28/17
7.2.0 fixes problems with axis-up interactions Bruce Sherwood 11/27/17
7.1.6 fixes executing Jupyter notebook cells out of order Bruce Sherwood 11/26/17
VPython error - Elizabeth Greenan 11/26/17
Box Orientation Trouble: Axis and Up are giving me weird results Adam Hall 11/25/17
Jupyter moves to next cell before rendering is finished Wim Bogaerts 11/23/17
VPython classic website/documentation Rob Knop 11/18/17
Update: VPython 7.1.5 Bruce Sherwood 11/18/17
Spyder update Bruce Sherwood 11/17/17
VPython for Python 3.6 Sophie Cooke 11/16/17
Make_trail doesn't produce a trail Avedis Neehus 11/16/17
Pause on click Matthew Odegard 11/14/17
Vpython and wx.Python/tkinter/kivy prof....@gmail.com 11/6/17
Important improvements to VPython 7 Bruce Sherwood 11/5/17
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