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Showing 1-19 of 81 topics Chat Bot Competition Chris Jnr 11/3/15
PyCon CZ Tomáš Ehrlich 10/19/15
Python friends from Budapest ostap didenko 10/17/15
Rise of Python and PythonWeek Fahad Siddiqui 10/13/15
Python Meetup on 29th October in Charleroi Stephane Wirtel 10/9/15
Python development position-Brussels- Freelance or employee 10/9/15
Urgent requirement for Python Developer in Boise, Idaho Pranesh Srinivasan 9/21/15
Python Developer- Houston, TX 9/15/15
Next Python meetup: Preparing for Python 3.5 Ludovic Gasc 9/7/15
Learn how to build modern apps @ MongoDB Days France Samantha Auerbach 8/31/15
Next Python drink at "la mort subite", Friday, March 6 Ludovic Gasc 3/4/15
NetAxis Solutions: Job Opportunity in Brussels Jean-Sébastien Decubber 2/12/15
Fosdem 2015 Jonathan Slenders 1/30/15
[Off-Topic][Python job opportunity] looking for several full-time Python specialists in Berlin Valb Onne 1/22/15
Python+Django not popular in Belgium?! Kristof Verbraeken 12/18/14
Animation Studio in Brussels looking for Pipeline TD Benedicte Kjobstad 10/28/14
Python courses (Herentals, 3-4-5/11) Jeroen Dierckx 10/20/14
MongoDB Coming to London, Munich, and Paris in November! Danielle James 10/17/14
Senior Freelance developer: job opportunity Jean-Sébastien Decubber 10/1/14
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