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Can not Connect hungvie...@gmail.com 11/17/15
unauthorized_token Trung Le 11/16/15
"Error":"unauthorized_client","ErrorCode":2001,"ErrorDescription":"Client is unauthorized" aytekin ozdemir 10/26/15
{"Error":"unauthorized_APIName","ErrorCode":2003,"ErrorDescription":"Client ID is unauthorized"} dpdp...@gmail.com 10/13/15
{"Error":"unauthorized_APIName","ErrorCode":2003,"ErrorDescription":"Client ID is unauthorized"} dpdp...@gmail.com 10/13/15
invalid_client Rohit Ghodekar 10/8/15
authentification problem on ihealth ....invalid_client islam lahouar 10/8/15
client_id is invalid Rohit Ghodekar 10/8/15
Clarification on properties in different API responses Chris Schaefbauer 9/30/15
Easy way to read own BP piri...@yahoo.it 6/9/15
invalid_APIName error for iHealth authentication akatta...@gmail.com 6/2/15
Webhook PubSub jda...@quadiontech.com 2/26/15
Serial Numbers doubts. Fernando Javier Sosa 2/17/15
I got unauthorized client even if I have all the correct information. Elyas Elham 2/11/15
What is the meaning of 2001 unauthorized_client Client is unauthorized scottq...@gmail.com 2/11/15
IHealth Push Notifications for spo2 not coming Nikhil kumar 2/11/15
IHealth Pub sub API Nikhil kumar 2/11/15
Please reauthorize our app karst...@lifesoft.dk 1/19/15
Protocol API luca...@gmail.com 12/19/14
Reversing the order of blood pressure measurements Nathan Russak 12/18/14
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