Edmonton Functional Programming Users Group

If you're interested in functional programming languages like Clojure or Haskell or Scala, then we're trying to be the group for you!

Feel free to post about interesting tools, software, problems, or questions. We try to meet up in some way about once a month. If you'd like to give a talk or propose a discussion topic for a meeting, please chime in!

We have a Google calendar called "EFPUG: Edmonton Functional Programming Users' Group" if you're interested in the dates of upcoming meetings.

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How(approaches) to implement implementing lazy evaluation in the C (Imperative Programming) Nandhan 9/18/15
Meetups / Networking / Makers Spaces / What's the in Edmonton Paul Dumais 6/17/15
Active? Matt Gallivan 3/9/14
Sorry for the spam :( abram 12/15/13
Iteration in python talk at Edmonton. Py Monday @ startup Edmonton abram 9/5/13
Call for Speakers abram 6/7/13
No meeting for EFPUG for June abram 5/29/13
June 3rd Meeting? abram 5/24/13
May Meetup June 6th CSC 249 on Hands-on Introduction to Haskell! abram 5/6/13
Organization issues! abram 4/18/13
Canceling April Meeting abram 4/7/13
Edmug: April 23 - Curtis Badke - Introduction to Functional Programming with F# abram 4/2/13
Another Meeting Rolls Around abram 4/1/13
Code Retreat - March 23 Curtis Badke 3/16/13
I have got 99 problems Stephen R 3/7/13
March 5th meeting at 6:00pm Haskell Code Golf! [Edmonton Functional Programming User Group] abram 3/4/13
Looking for Presenters for March 5th Joshua Charles Campbell 2/27/13
Sand Game Source Code (Haskell and SDL) abram 2/8/13
Feb 5th Meeting: Haskell Code Share/Walkthrough/Tutorial (SDL, Random, Laziness, etc.) abram 2/4/13
We need some discussion here about the next meeting? abram 2/3/13
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