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Why not LLVM for Candor? Rick Richardson 2/1/13
Blog post about candor Fedor Indutny 11/20/12
Has Candor Programming Language Project been discontinued? Junji Takakura 10/31/12
New JIT Compiler for Candor Fedor Indutny 10/29/12
C and C++ Sean Fern 4/25/12
Getting Character Codes and Substrings? Bradley Meck 3/29/12
No exceptions? Bradley Meck 3/27/12
GYP Fedor Indutny 3/27/12
Proposal to rename "new" keyword to "clone" Tim Caswell 3/26/12
the new statement Jake Verbaten 3/25/12
Hello world! Fedor Indutny 3/25/12
arguments or splats Jake Verbaten 3/25/12
Attempted examples of candor code Jake Verbaten 3/24/12