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Fwd: [Afpy-membres] Dernier appel pour PyParis 2017 - 12&13 juin Ludovic Gasc 10/17/17
Meeting during FOSDMEM 2018 Nilo Menezes 10/17/17
python/django dev seb 8/30/17
Aide-Mentor Salim 8/28/17
Fwd: [PyBel] Python at Brussel's Hard Rock Café! Ludovic Gasc 5/8/17
Re: [PyBel] Call for Volunteers at PythonFOSDEM 2017 Ludovic Gasc 2/4/17
Go to PyCON-FR ! Ludovic Gasc 10/11/16
Merge between "Aperos Python Belgium" and "Python Belgium" mailing-list Ludovic Gasc 8/12/16
Python challenges in Telephony World Ludovic Gasc 6/29/16
Ce jeudi 16 juin, Présentation de Tryton à Mons Ludovic Gasc 6/6/16
2016 Python-FOSDEM Restaurant Event Ludovic Gasc 1/27/16
Mons, le 21 janvier : Pour une bonne pédagogie de la programmation web avec Python & Django Ludovic Gasc 1/7/16
Python friends from Budapest ostap didenko 10/17/15
Python Meetup on 29th October in Charleroi Stephane Wirtel 10/9/15
Oct 15 is the deadline to present your apps in the SCAH_FIWARE competition Cortes Tirado Machado 10/8/15
Next Python meetup: Preparing for Python 3.5 Ludovic Gasc 9/7/15
Take part in the exciting SCAH – FIWARE global competition for smart apps, 150,000€ in prizes are up for grabs! Maria Cortes 9/3/15
Freelance Web Designer in Hyderabad,Canada,Malaysia,India,USA,Australia Ice Berg 8/20/15
New guy looking for a mentor. Kakra Nimako 7/27/15
AFPyro/Meetup Python this Friday Ludovic Gasc 7/25/15
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