Zipkin 0.2.0

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Zipkin 0.2.0 Franklin Hu 7/27/12 11:55 AM
Hey Zipkiners,
We rolled a Zipkin release this past week that includes quite a few changes from 0.1.0.
Notably, we've pulled the scribe specific collector code into `zipkin-scribe`, so if you're running a Scribe collector you'll need to run that jar instead of the `zipkin-server` one. We've also added an experimental submodule `zipkin-finatra` that contains a Scala replacement for the Rails UI app. We don't have it fully running in production yet, but once we do, we'll deprecate the Rails app.
There are also some Hadoop jobs in the `zipkin-hadoop` submodule that our intern @jerry9876 has been working on.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions!

The Zipkin Team