api.data.gov - Simple API management service for agencies

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api.data.gov - Simple API management service for agencies nick.m...@nrel.gov 7/22/13 10:33 AM

The data.gov team has been working on a new pilot project, api.data.gov<http://api.data.gov/>. In a nutshell, it's a simple API management service that agencies can take advantage of. We hope it'll make releasing APIs easier for agencies, while also making it easier for developers to use APIs across agencies. We can help handle things like API keys, gathering API usage analytics, rate limiting, and documentation for your APIs, so we don't all have to reinvent the wheel, and you can focus on building awesome APIs.

There's more information explaining this service here: http://api.data.gov/about/

We're at the point that we'd love to get agency participation and additional feedback. If you're an agency interested in playing, let me know. If you have a public API, it's easy to plop it behind api.data.gov, so you can start using it. You can use it for all your APIs, or if you'd prefer to try it out with one of your APIs (to get a sense of how it might work for you), we can do that too. I'd also be happy to talk about things in more detail if anyone has questions.

We've mentioned this project in passing on this mailing list, and we've been having more conversations about this with some of you, but we realized we should probably blast out a wider announcement to this group. Development on the project is ongoing, so certain features are still being worked on, but the core functionality is there and ready to use. That also means that now is a great time to get onboard with using this service and providing feedback to help steer its direction. I should also mention that this project stems from a cross-agency working group from last year, so we definitely owe a lot of you thanks for all the time and ideas that led to this.


Nick Muerdter
National Renewable Energy Laboratory