TaskJuggler 0.2.1 has been released

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TaskJuggler 0.2.1 has been released Chris Schlaeger 7/13/11 11:49 AM
Hi TaskJuggler Users!

TaskJuggler has just crossed the 10000 download mark on RubyGems.org! That's a pretty good achievement for a software that has not seen a single stable release yet. But we are very close now. Today, I'd like to announce the immediate availability of TaskJuggler 0.2.1. It's another beta version, but it offers a number of exciting new features:
  • Added warning for non-effort tasks with allocate that don't get resources.
  • Improved Vim integration
  • Re-map Ctrl-] in vim to show full ID of property in current line.
  • New report to generate source file infos for properties as ctags file.
  • 3 - 5x Scheduler performance improvements for large projects.
  • Added warning when accounts are present but no balance has been defined.
  • Add --abort-on-warnings flag to tj3.
  • Make sure that provided bookings don't exceed task specifications.
  • Resource loads can now be reported in 'quarters' as well.
  • Improved messages for some types of scheduling errors.
  • Get the TJ2 bookings per resource in export reports back.
  • Adding support to generate iCalendar files.
Additionally, it comes with the usual round of bug fixes.
  • Tracking scenario tasks with no bookings but allocations are handled properly.
  • Ensure that tracking scenario is set after all scenario definitions.
  • Show last matched token in syntax error messages.
  • Properly handle white spaces in macro calls.
  • Properly handle unicode characters in macros and environment variables.
  • tj3d shows local times again for loaded projects.
  • Make --freezedate option work properly.
  • Flags are now properly inherited by sub properties.
An immediate update to this version is recommended for all TaskJuggler users. This is still a beta version, so minor changes to the project description syntax are still possible.

To install TaskJuggler, see the installation instructions.

In case you find a bug, please follow the steps described in the manual.

Developers and other folks that want to contribute are encouraged to check out our Git repository.

Happy Juggling,