SocketStream 0.3.0 to launch in May with example apps and screencasts

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SocketStream 0.3.0 to launch in May with example apps and screencasts SocketStream 4/26/12 8:06 AM

Hi all

Even though the code is now basically finished and ready, I've decided to officially launch SocketStream 0.3.0 towards the end of May after I come back from vacation. Mostly likely this will coincide with a talk I'll be doing at the London Node User Group about a month from now.

Until then I'll be working on creating example apps, screencasts, improving the website and adding docs to make sure we launch with a big splash on Hacker News and similar sites.

As this is the first chance I've had to immerse myself into build a real app for sometime, I'm already discovering plenty of things that could be better or tweaked a little. I'm committing changes to the master branch as I go, so please keep pulling the latest version. There may be an RC2 release in the interim but it won't contain any major changes.

If anyone would like their app to feature in the website/screencast please get in touch. Even if it's not launched publicly yet, it would be nice to have it open in a tab and flick through different examples of (good looking) apps which can be built using SocketStream.

To those still waiting for the Users Online and HTTP API functionality we had in SocketStream 0.2 - fear not, the new Request Responder API will allow these to be built in the future either myself or others; but for now my focus is on getting what we have stable and demonstrating the power and ease-of-use SocketStream provides.