Is Selenesse still alive?

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Is Selenesse still alive? elgris 5/10/12 8:56 AM
Hello everyone. As I see, there a lot of questions about Selenesse project but no answers.
Selenesse uses SeleniumRC API which is declared deprecated. Selenium2 (aka WebDriver) rules now :) and I don't see any support from Seleness project.
So here's a question: am I blind and there is some good solution exist? (please, don't mention Xebium - it still unstable). Or maybe the time has come and somebody should fork this project to create Selenium2 support?
Re: Is Selenesse still alive? Lisa 5/10/12 9:50 AM
I wondered about that too. We were looking for a framework to use w/ Se2 / WebDriver and Selenesse was clearly out of date. We did look at Xebium, now that you say it's unstable I'm glad we didn't use it! So we gave up trying to do something from FitNesse.

We had already tried Geb (using Groovy and JUnit), didn't like the test result reporting. Now we're trying Robot Framework, awesome test result reporting.
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Re: Is Selenesse still alive? Alex 5/10/12 10:05 AM
There's Fitnium, but that doesn't use webdriver either.  
It shouldn't be too bad to update the driver to use webdriver-backed selenium.  A search shows someone has attempted it but I've hadn't had a chance to play with it.!topic/selenesse-users/MImYe63gTQo
Re: Is Selenesse still alive? Ameya 5/23/12 5:55 AM
I just posted an updated JAR with source that has Webdriver support -!topic/selenesse-users/H1JvXYjPwOQ
Re: Is Selenesse still alive? elgris 5/29/12 11:04 PM
Thanks a lot, Ameya! I've played around a bit and found this tool charming :) But anyway this solution doesn't work for our team. We have to process various data with complex logic and that isn't possible with FitNesse scripts. So we started to use WebDriver with PHP bindings. Our SLIM fixtures use WebDriver as well as custom processing logic. But we try to code in PHP so little as possible.
Anyway, thanks for your work!