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Haskell Support Added Adit Bhargava 6/27/12 5:06 PM
Hey all,
I'm one of the devs at Scribd. A few weeks ago we had released this AI challenge (http://www.scribd.com/jobs/botrace). I found it pretty addicting, but wanted a nicer language to code my bot in. Fast-forward a couple weeks, the bot game now supports Haskell! I'm pretty excited about this. All the test bots I have written so far have been much more clear and concise than their javascript counterparts. Here's a simple hello world bot in Haskell:

    main = return EAST

I've written a tutorial on writing a Haskell bot, check it out here: http://egonschiele.github.com/robot-fruit-hunt/
After you've written a bot, upload it here: http://www.scribd.com/jobs/botrace_upload_bot
...choose 'Haskell' from the language dropdown.

You can also test your bot locally using the sandbox: https://github.com/egonSchiele/robot-fruit-hunt

Happy coding!