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feature request: archive repository Mark Ward 2/3/12 6:21 AM
We have come across the need to indicate a repository as archived.
Meaning that we do not want to delete/remove the repository from the
server but have the archived repository separated from the active
Re: feature request: archive repository Sebastian Sdorra 2/6/12 1:24 AM
I plan this feature for the next release of scm-manager, but i'm not
really sure how to implement it.
Here are some ideas:

- Only Administrators can access the repository.
- Repository is read only and only accessible for administrators.
- Repository is read only and accessible for any user with the
required permissions.
- Repository is read only and accessible for any user with the
required permissions, but is not shown in the repository overview by
default. A User have to check a checkbox like "Show archived
repositories" to view archived repositories in the overview.

What do you think?


2012/2/3 .Mark <ward...@gmail.com>:

Re: feature request: archive repository Mark Ward 2/6/12 7:15 AM
Your thoughts might apply to an idea of a "recycle bin" for removing repositories.  Instead of immediately deleting the repository on remove it marks them as "removed" and prevents access to the repository even read-only access. 

Here are some thoughts for archive.  

- A repository marked as archived will not show up in the main Repository list.
- The archived repository becomes read-only for everyone even administrators.
- The permissions assigned are left intact after archived.  Basically allow previous users continued read-only access to the repository.  The repository URL continues to work for read-only access for existing users.
- A repository can be activated again.
- Replace the "Remove" button to be "Archive".  

Viewing ideas
- Possibly a "Main/Archive Repositories" view could be added to the navigation.
- If archived repositories are visible in the Main/Repositories view then an indicator will be nice to indicate archived repositories from active repositories.  The dividers that scm-manager uses for folders could be used to list the active and archived repositories.

I have not worked with the API.  Possibly a new resource or parameter to include archived repositories in requests.
Re: feature request: archive repository Sebastian Sdorra 3/30/12 4:47 AM
Sorry for the long delay on this function. But i've now implemented a
first version of this feature. Please have a look at


2012/2/6 Mark Ward <ward...@gmail.com>:

Re: feature request: archive repository Mark Ward 3/30/12 8:33 AM

Awesome,  I am testing it.

1.  After enabled the archive I had to refresh the entire admin in the browser to see the new button.  It was not clear to me if changing the general settings I should refresh the browser.
2.  It works as expected.  I am going to update our server with this snapshot and see how it works for the rest of the developers.
Re: feature request: archive repository Sebastian Sdorra 3/31/12 9:51 AM
Thanks for testing. There is a note for the refresh in the help of the
configuration field.


2012/3/30 Mark Ward <ward...@gmail.com>:

Re: feature request: archive repository Brett Ables 1/30/15 12:05 PM
SOrry to resurrect an old topic, but this was the closest I found to what I was looking for...

I had a big scare today when I went through deleting repositories that I no longer wanted to host with scm-manager and then discovered that I was actually deleting the files themselves.  I'm extremely lucky that I made a haphazardly scheduled backup only yesterday.  Basically I'm running SCM Manager on my work computer to host some repositories for a couple co-workers.  At first I figured I'd just add every repo I had to it to test it out (All my "sever" repos are in one folder, then I have working copy clones scattered around my computer.)  I'd really like to be able to let SCM Manager "forget" about repositories without touching the files - just leave it on the file system as if I'd never imported it (or perhaps remove the server hooks that SCM manager adds).

Does my idea for a "forget" or "unlink" feature make sense?

My original reason for deleting repos from SCM was because I saw it was using 500 MB+ of RAM.  I threw a bunch of stuff in there that I didn't actually need to host, so I figured lightening the load would help with the RAM usage.
Re: feature request: archive repository Sebastian Sdorra 2/3/15 9:25 AM
You could enable the archive mode of scm-manager (Config->General->Enable repository archive). In archive mode a repository could only be deleted, if it is archived first. Archived repositories are not shown in the ui. In general an unused repository does not consume much memory (only the entry in list), expect you have installed plugins which are scanning the repository. I will update the delete dialog, with a warning about deleting files.


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