Adding date column crashed solr

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Adding date column crashed solr Mike Boone 10/4/10 1:24 PM
Hi all, I had a working Sunspot Rails app running on a production
server via Tomcat+Solr. Then I had to go back and add a date column to
the schema. I added a corresponding "date :published_on" line to the
searchable block in my model. The development server seems fine with

On the production server, I am getting an error while trying to add a
new record:

RSolr::RequestError (Solr Response: Internal Server Error)

And the catalina.out log shows:

SEVERE: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string:

It looks like things are crashing on my new date column.

I have tried to reindex the production index and I have also deleted /
opt/solr/data/* and recreated the index, with the same results.

Any ideas? Thanks.
Re: [sunspot] Adding date column crashed solr Mat Brown 10/4/10 1:37 PM
Hi Mike,

Is your production server using the schema.xml and solrconfig.xml that
Sunspot provides? You can use the sunspot-installer executable to do
this (I'd use the --force option if you're running it against a fresh
Solr installation) or just copy the files over from your local
installation. That seems like the most likely culprit for the error
you're seeing.


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Re: Adding date column crashed solr Mike Boone 10/4/10 3:09 PM
I had done the sunspot-installer before but for whatever reason after
running it again and restarting Tomcat/solr, it seems to be working.