[announcement] Ruby amqp gem 0.9.4 is released

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[announcement] Ruby amqp gem 0.9.4 is released Michael Klishin 2/15/12 4:02 PM
Ruby amqp gem 0.9.4 is released to rubygems.org [1]. This is a bug fix release:

* AMQP::Queue#initialize no longer fails with NoMethodError when :nowait is set to true

Kudos to Eran Levi for reporting the issue.

CI status

* http://travis-ci.org/#!/ruby-amqp/amqp
* http://travis-ci.org/#!/ruby-amqp/amq-client

Documentation site updates

In other news, we have fixed several minor styling and legibility issues on http://rubyamqp.info,
amqp gem's documentation guides site.

1. https://rubygems.org/gems/amqp/versions/0.9.4