A 38MB RazorQT LiveCD and SliTaz packages

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A 38MB RazorQT LiveCD and SliTaz packages Christophe Lincoln 4/18/12 1:07 AM
Hi all,

First off, greate job, I love RazorQT!

I packaged RazorQT for SliTaz and was exitedt by the low resource usage and small size of Razor and so was able to build a 38Mb ISO image with additionnal lightweight applications such as Arora ot TEA editor. It is yet a first version with missing features but I guess an easy way to try out RazorQT without installation. If the team is interested by an official Razor LiveCD, I would be happy to collaborate!

Here is the ISO: slitaz-razorqt.iso

SliTaz users can install Razor via our packages manager: tazpkg -gi razorqt
Razor build log: http://cook.slitaz.org/cooker.cgi?pkg=razorqt
Razor packages are splited following you packaging style.

Best regards,
- Christophe

Re: [razor-qt] A 38MB RazorQT LiveCD and SliTaz packages PICCORO Lenz McKAY 4/18/12 7:52 AM

DAMM, ii do that!!!!!

>Here is the ISO: slitaz-razorqt.iso

but i still try to refine first.. ARRGGGGG

u win the race for the first razorqt live cd!

i download and test..

the venenux-tegnus live DVD comes with razorqt hidden, just choose from boot menu second option... www.infocompiladores.org

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