Announce: Facter 1.7.1 Available

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Announce: Facter 1.7.1 Available Matthaus Litteken 5/13/13 1:25 PM
Facter 1.7.1 is a bugfix release in the 1.7 series. It
contains a single fix for an issue seen on Windows 2003 with Ruby
1.9.3 (#20301).

To see a list of the issues addressed by this release, check out the
1.7.1 version in our issue tracker at:

Downloads are available at:
 * Source:

RPMs are available at or /fedora

Rubygem available at

Debs are available at

Mac package is available at

Please report feedback via the Puppet Labs Redmine site, using an
affected version of 1.7.1:

## Facter 1.7.1 Bug Fixes ##

(#20301) Handle different error in ruby 1.9

    The NumberOfLogicalProcessor property of the Win32_Processor WMI class
    does not exist in the base win2003 install. Previously, we were trying
    to access the property, and then catching the resulting error if the
    property did not exist.

    In ruby 1.8, it would raise a RuntimeError, but in ruby 1.9, it raises a
    StandardError, causing the fact to blow up on ruby 1.9.

    This commit checks to see if the process object responds to that method,
    and only then does it try to call it.

## Facter 1.7.1 Changelog ##

Josh Cooper (1):
      b5cb1ef (#20301) Handle different error in ruby 1.9

Matthaus Owens (2):
      bf39f9a (packaging) Update FACTERVERSION to 1.7.1-rc1
      785fd8b (packaging) Update FACTERVERSION to 1.7.1