[2.0] Play 2.0 Java-support for Netbeans

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[2.0] Play 2.0 Java-support for Netbeans Jan De Cooman 3/30/12 4:43 AM
Are there any plans to support the Java Netbeans project template in Play 2.0? And if so, when?

Re: [2.0] Play 2.0 Java-support for Netbeans Drew H 3/30/12 2:48 PM
There are two options.  Download the Scala plugin for Netbeans.  Follow this write up for Netbeans.

It will be a Scala Project but editing Java will be fine.

Not sure why the code is messed up.  It was right on github.

Second option is to eclipsify your project and do an import into Netbeans(this is what I've been doing).  It will look like a standard java application but it will be fine.

File > Import Project > Eclipse Project.  You'll have to select the second option(ignoring project deps)

You'll also have to manually add the other folders like conf and public.
Re: [play-framework] Re: [2.0] Play 2.0 Java-support for Netbeans JCranky 4/5/12 5:05 PM

You can also use the sbt-netbeans-plugin to generate the ide config files. Works fine for scala and java source files, I just miss proper support for template files..


Paulo "JCranky" Siqueira

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