[2.0.3] Deploying subdirectory to Heroku

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[2.0.3] Deploying subdirectory to Heroku zievereir 8/11/12 11:25 AM

I'm trying to deploy my Play application to Heroku. In my git repository my Play application is located a couple levels deeper: MY_REPOSITORY/trunk/myapp.

Obviously when I try to push it to Heroku it doesn't recognise the structure. In all the examples I found people seem to be initialising their git repository inside the root of their Play application. Is this a convention I'm breaking and is this really a required in order to deploy to Heroku?

Re: [2.0.3] Deploying subdirectory to Heroku zievereir 8/11/12 11:35 AM
My bad, I should've looked a bit longer. Got it resolved by using git subtree as described here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5977234/how-can-i-push-a-part-of-my-git-repo-to-heroku .

After installing that, $ git subtree push --prefix trunk/myapp heroku master did the trick!