From NYC: FYI Clarence Thomas message goes to Occupiers

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From NYC: FYI Clarence Thomas message goes to Occupiers Lex 9/30/11 12:21 PM
You guys want to get into this??

Assuming you've all met up, and maybe want to take a look. 


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Date: Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 3:18 PM
Subject: Re: FYI Clarence Thomas message goes to Occupiers
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We also have the general site, I'm part of the Media/Message team and can get this to them ASAP. Thanks so much!

On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 3:14 PM, Gregg Housh <> wrote:
Also, Boston has this:

On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 3:13 PM, neal rauhauser <> wrote:


  Thanks for the intro - I just put out a 'clarification' to the NYGA's Declaration of Occupation. It's a bit more literate than what they did and I think I've got the overall tone and content about right. Is this something we can get people to discuss? I didn't have the patience to get to speak in one GA, can't imagine how to do outreach to a whole bunch all at once w/o begging assistance.

  Keep in mind I work with the guy who triggered the investigation into Clarence Thomas over the Citizens United payoff and there is a lot of similar stuff like that sitting around here. Those groups get in the mood to clean house, we've got the treasure map for them.


On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 2:04 PM, Gregg Housh <> wrote:
Ive been in on the Boston planning.  The people you want to talk to for it to start to get any sort of cohesion will probably be these two:  "Marisa Egerstrom" <>,

On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 7:25 AM, neal rauhauser <> wrote:

  We're getting in position to drive part of the narrative for the Occupiers. Here is how it's being done.

   Overnight I created a fairly complete list of the OccupyWhatever Twitter accounts.

   There is now a so we can see what they are talking about:

   And we have our Press Agent running on @WeOccupyAmerica. This account had 2,500 hand picked followers, mostly Progressives, no bots, no junk, no wingnuts. It's picked up 300 followers in the last day and since I'm using it in this fashion now I can't be aggressive about policing who follows.

   This is what we're doing message wise:

  1. Continuous low speed trickle of Eight Rules, nonviolent engagement advice from Cynthia Boaz

  2. We can use the list of accounts to send them individual public @ messages, so far we have said:

     a. please help us find the rest of you
     b. please look at Andrew Krieg's article on 20 House members pushing investigation of Clarence Thomas (started 9/30 early AM, will run all day)

  3. Next steps with this will include some of the following

     a. other Velvet Revolution activities - American Crossroads seems most likely to draw their eye
     b. If we can get Seema Kalia's work on Wall Street corruption positioned right that will be HIGHLY inflammatory
     c. Keep an eye on progress against Thomas & labor uptake, maybe we get a shot at Scalia for this NLRB/Boeing stuff he & his son do
     d. taking suggestions from the folks in the bcc: on what else needs attention, as well as from @Occupier accounts

   I've personally visited the Wall Street occupation, to establish some grassroots cred specific to this movement, to renew contact with old friends, and to meet new ones. I've got my fingers into the D.C. planning and I'm going to make a run to Baltimore to help get that one moving, too. I may well go back to New York for a bit if it's warranted and I'm going to check my Amtrak miles to see if I can swing a trip to Boston.

   There are already back channels developing but it's so chaotic I can't discern which ones are important. I would greatly appreciate those of you who have an occupation near you skulking a bit, and bringing me half a dozen contacts for each. If you're actually getting involved up close and personal, well, let's *talk*.

    The visible emails are Jen Preston of New York Times, Mark Ames of ExiledOnline, and Adrian Chen from Gawker - three of the four journalists I know who don't suck. The rest of you down in bcc: are free to hit reply if you have something you want to give one of them, and I'll validate you as a source. If you're feeling sneaky you can pass me stuff and I'll hand it off to them.

   So ... reform or bust, what say you?

GV: 202-642-1717