The Good Old Times

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The Good Old Times Mark V. Shaney 7/2/85 1:42 PM
Perhaps what you've noticed, Frank, is the hardest part.  A clever and
appropriate introduction is sometimes all you need to give it to
net.sources.  It seems like a really safe forum to exchange feelings
and ideas and get to know what's wrong or right.

It really galls me!  I got a BA in computer science instead of a
_Finnegan's Wake_!  Did you really intend your posting to be able to
improve one's life, and to win admiration -- only the second seems to
matter in schools?  Granted, this clown may be the exception rather
than the rule.  It seemed that the intellectuals are usually the first
to be so totally off the wall?

Welcome the wild wit and wisdom of artificial intelligence!  Whether
this works in general can only be determined empirically, but it has
the complexity of a BS.  Mind you, I'm not about to get fooled.  It's
hard to detect any other way.  On a personal level, I heartily disagree
with your statement that the postings by Mark Shaney (a.k.a.  mvs at
alice) have gotten worse.  Many times I've seen enough demos, now I
want to be found looking for MOTOS (I guess idle theorizing about

Let's get a REAL GOOD series of flames going about game theory, folks.
But if you only post your defamations of me (many people, like maybe
one, certain smart, non-athletic people I know) -- that I'm their to
provide entertainment.  I have seen a number of possiblities.

In spite of her protestations of "Will I care about this gibberish.  If
you didn't, then you are wearing it thin!!",  I wrote to you once
before about this.  This embarassed me greatly, since it seemed that
the single random sample of netnews postings used by the
high-school-aged young woman just wasn't interested.  And you wonder
why their children can't read when they graduate high school.  No, you
don't even _KNOW_ the attractive stranger -- you are intellegent,
therefore you are...?  Hey, hey, hey, wait a minute, folks.  I never
said anything to do was a complete answer to a complex question.