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Inline editing 5/9/11 2:29 AM

I'm using this grid for my project, so far so good. Just wonder that
you guys have plan to input more features like Inline editing... or a
clear road map for future development ?

Thanks alot.
Re: [mvccontrib-discuss] Inline editing Jeremy Skinner 5/9/11 2:42 AM

There are no plans to build in support for inline editing. The reasoning behind the grid has always been to provide a way to easily generate an HTML table from a strongly-typed model, and I've tried to ensure that the grid has always adhered to this goal and not succumbed to 'feature creep' that doesn't serve its core purpose. 

I am not actively developing the grid at present, this is partly because I'm currently focussing on other projects, but also because the jQuery UI Grid which is currently under development ( and is being sponsored by Microsoft) is likely to be a better bet going forward.


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