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Hardware Configuration Marshall, David 6/18/08 6:52 AM
What is the recommend hardware configuration for Bugzilla. The box will
have Linux, Apache and MySQL but will also be adding a WIKI and possible
e-mail later.
RE: Hardware Configuration Marshall, David 6/18/08 10:24 AM
Thank you

1)No more than 30 users at a time.
2)Bugs per month 150
3)100% reliability
4)Would prefer faster that 60 seconds
5)Comments 1 page with possible 1-2 page screenshots
6)Network Speed 1Gbs lan

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  You'll need to make sure that you have a processor, a hard drive,
  and a motherboard.  Oh, and memory.  ;-)

Seriously, a machine with 256MB RAM, and a PI 200MHz processor will run
Bugzilla at a decent speed for a small use instance.  What size of
install do you need?

1) Number of users
2) Number of expected bugs/month to be opened/edited
3) Reliability expectations
4) Is it ok to wait 60 seconds for a list of bugs to be returned for
5) Size of descriptions/comments and attachments
6) Existing Network speed (100Mbs LAN, 1Gbs LAN, 256Kbps Frame Relay,
Internet Facing, etc...)

This may help get an idea of what you are looking for.  My organization
has a meeting once per week where 60 or 70 people open a shared query of
300 bugs from their own desks all at mostly the same time, so this was
our large performance metric.  A Pentium IV 1.2GHz with 1GB RAM is more
than enough for that over a 100MBs LAN.
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Re: Hardware Configuration Bill Barry 6/18/08 11:10 AM
Our server is a dell 2850 with dual xeon 3Ghz processors, 2gb ram and 4
73gb 10krpm drives. Needless to say it sits idle almost the entire time.
We generally add about 300 comments a day to existing and new bugs. Most
searches are near instantaneous. This server also houses a copy of
mediawiki, several mercurial repositories, our central svn repository
(and related svn server programs like ViewVC) and a chat room app. The
box was a top of the line machine 2.5 years ago (at the time it was also
hosting nagios for monitoring our network).

I'd say pretty much any machine you would buy off the shelf today would
be more than enough for Bugzilla; remember that since it contains Apache
and MySQL, you are likely to be memory bound in terms of performance
(apache caches stuff, mysql does too, and so does mod_perl).