mongoexport truncates string data

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mongoexport truncates string data saurabh srivastava 3/2/12 8:58 PM
Exporting a collection using mongoexport truncates the string field and append "..." to it. Is there a way to disable this feature in the export?
Re: mongoexport truncates string data Bill Hayward 3/5/12 3:41 AM
Does this seem to be for fields that contain a certain length, or
above, or is it evident in all cases?

On Mar 2, 11:58 pm, saurabh srivastava <>
Re: mongoexport truncates string data saurabh srivastava 3/5/12 8:47 PM
I realized that this is a known issue. first comment on the page talks of this. I wrote my custom exporter which does not truncate. But it would appear that the truncation happens for longer string fields.

Re: mongoexport truncates string data Josh Price 7/8/12 5:50 AM
I've made a patch which fixes this issue and created a github pull request (

Personally I'd love to see this in the 2.0.7 release. Is there anything else I can do to make this happen?

Thanks in advance,

On Thursday, June 28, 2012 12:26:39 AM UTC+10, Josh Price wrote:
I'm experiencing the same problem. Strings are being truncated at around 153 characters.

From my understanding of the code, the toString() function defaults to not "full", so the full parameter should be set to true as follows:

    return csvEscape(object.toString(false, true), true);

Could someone please confirm this is the case?