PHP Driver 1.2.11 released.

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PHP Driver 1.2.11 released. Derick Rethans 7/19/12 6:43 AM

Version 1.2.11 of the PHP Driver is now available. This is a minor
version release that addreses about 25 issues found in earlier versions.
This release also includes some E_DEPRECATION notices for a number of
methods that will either change drastically or will be removed in future

Improvements include:
- GridFS now supports reading from secondaries and lots of other GridFS
- the new MongoCollection::distinct() method

The release notes are online at

The source for the extension can be found at

You can either download and install the source manually, or you can
install the extension with:

  pecl install mongo

or update with:

  pecl upgrade mongo

Windows binaries can be found on the github download page at

This is likely the last release in the 1.2 series with 1.3 focussing on
support for the new features in MongoDB 2.2 as well as rewritten
connection handling in the driver.

If you find any issues with the driver, please file them in our JIRA at

Derick, Hannes and Jeremy