Announcing mod_pagespeed binary release

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Announcing mod_pagespeed binary release Matt Atterbury 2/9/12 7:00 AM
The mod_pagespeed team is pleased to announce a new binary release, version

If you installed the .rpm package, you can update with:
sudo yum update mod-pagespeed-beta
sudo /etc/init.d/httpd restart

If you installed the .deb package, you can update with:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

And as usual, the newest packages can be downloaded from:

Source building instructions are available at: (the latest-beta branch)

This release has the following new low risk filters that we invite you to enable on your site:
This release has the following new experimental filters; they could be high impact but you should manually verify the results:
This releases fixes the following issues:

48 - Support for CSS @import

108 - Parse CSS3 and common proprietary syntaxes

186 - Wysiwyg 2.2 and CKEditor 3.5 on Drupal + mod_pagespeed breaks

196 - InlineCss not parsing @import "url" statements

214 - insert_image_dimensions can break an image's aspect ratio

332 - LoadFromFile should convert %20 to space in URLs

338 - combine_css needs to strip BOM markers before combining

340 - terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::length_error'

352 - Lightbox2 + mod_pagespeed not working

354 - CSS filter ignores external CSS links with rel='Stylesheet' instead of rel='stylesheet'

355 - DoS under Debian/apache2-mpm-itk

356 - Sites with HTTPS users and no HTTPS mod_pagespeed configuration get log spew

367 - mod_pagespeed strips custom HTML headers

368 - Relative URL not handled properly in inlined css

372 - meta refresh tags within NOSCRIPT tags get converted to HTTP headers even when javascript is enabled

This release adds some new pagespeed.conf options:

This release splits the Cache Extend filter (extend_cache) into three separate filters:
  • Cache Extend CSS (extend_cache_css)
  • Cache Extend Images (extend_cache_images)
  • Cache Extend Scripts (extend_cache_scripts)
The extend_cache filter is now an alias for the combination of all three of these so it behaves the same as before.

This release includes the following miscellanea:
  • The handling of missing close tags has been changed to be more in line with the W3C specification (for example, at
  • Fixed bug with combine_css breaking when any of the combined files contained a BOM.
  • Fixed bug with handling of CSS with data URLs in @imports that caused rewriting to fail.
  • Blacklisted more resources that rely on their URL not being changed on them.
  • Many and varied small bug fixes and improvements.
Matt Atterbury
mod_pagespeed team