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Wake on Lan reuben....@gmail.com 8/5/12 10:29 PM
I contacted you a while ago and I thought that now I have it working I should give you an update.

Enabling Wake on Lan for MineOS is quite simple. As long as you have hardware that supports WoL (initially I didn't) there are only three steps.

1 Rebuild the kernel with suspend to ram and/or hibernate support. (in ACPI options)
2 enable wol in the network card using ethtool, run " ethtool -s eth0 wol g" as root, depending on system may need to add to startup scripts/wake up scripts else run manually before sleeping
3 using pm-utils run "pm-suspend" or "pm-hibernate" as root.

then you can wake it from online with such sites as wakeonlan.me.

for stability i recommend stopping and backing up the worlds before sleep and then waiting several minutes before restoring and starting. I've had a few world files corrupt by trying to play too soon after resuming.

NB. no matter how fast the mineOS box boots (mine is up and running in <7 seconds from full off) it's much MUCH slower to resume from suspend.
Re: Wake on Lan j.v.tr...@gmail.com 10/24/12 4:47 PM
Do you have further instructions on how to rebuild the kernel? 
Re: Wake on Lan Brian Lowery 12/24/12 6:50 PM
This is a great place to start.
But as it states its an older version.

Re: Wake on Lan Will 12/27/12 9:22 AM
Why not the http://minecraft.codeemo.com/mineoswiki/index.php/Upgrading_the_Kernel page instead, since 'build a kernel' has the following notice:

Note! These instructions are meant for the original CRUX media ONLY and NOT MineOS CRUX; to build a kernel on a working MineOS installation, you should be following the instructions on Upgrading the Kernel.
Re: Wake on Lan Brian Lowery 12/27/12 11:56 AM
I came across that one to, but I guess I didnt update that post after the original post.