D-Link's Shareport USB Utility and openwebnet

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D-Link's Shareport USB Utility and openwebnet Merciadri Luca 6/26/10 3:00 PM

In October 2009, I posted an article about D-Link's Shareport USB
Utility (see e.g.
to linux.debian.user. Do you remember? I posted to
http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9513066#post9513066 too.

I've tried analyzing packets with Wireshark, under Windows, to find how
my D-Link DIR-635 actually communicates with the computer to share some
USB peripheral through the network, thanks to the SharePort utility
(which is only available under Windows). This did bring much info, and,
as a result, I can reasonably assume that OpenWebNet is the related
router's Shareport counterpart. Here are some traces:

    * router->computer: openwebnet (20005) > tr-rsrb-port [ACK] (1996)
    * router->computer: openwebnet (20005) > tr-rsrb-port [PSH, ACK] (1996)
    * computer->router: tr-rsrb-port (1996) > openwebnet [PSH, ACK] (20005)

That is, D-Link's SharePort utility apparently uses the openwebnet
protocol. Do you have any idea about how it could use it? I checked the
syntax, but I can't understand the link with the USB peripherals.


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