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Giving up on node.js / Flatiron / Marak Squires 9/11/12 8:56 AM
Internet Friends -

I'm sure it will come as a pleasant surprise for most of you to hear I'm leaving node.js for good. I'll also be stepping down from any involvement with Flatiron and completely shutting down

In all honesty, I don't think there is much of a loss here for anyone.

The Flatiron framework is pretty much pointless and I'd advise against using it. I started to add some really good reflection features, but since my access has now been removed from Flatiron, I'll no longer be able to advance or maintain any of these features. 

The same advice goes for was a great idea, but it's been systematically made obsolete by Nodejitsu in favor of a closed source priority solution. I'd love to be able to share this with you, but it's closed source, so thats that. I was rebuilding to use Flatiron, but without the ability to work on Flatiron anymore, it's all moot.

It's really sad to wind all this down, but I don't have a choice in the matter. I've been fired from Nodejitsu and no longer have the resources or git commit access to move any of this stuff forward.

Anyway, thanks for all the good and bad times and goodbye.

Re: Giving up on node.js / Flatiron / Adam Crabtree 9/11/12 2:17 PM
Sad to hear. It sounds like you won't be able to (or maybe don't want to, understandable), but will you be able to make any of your work toward 0.9 or its integration with Flatiron available anywhere? Were you planning to give ownership of the npm package, google group or github repo to anyone? I'll be forking, though it'd be nice if you planned to shut it all down to possibly hand these over (esp the github Issues).

Either way, best of luck in the future.

Re: Giving up on node.js / Flatiron / cayasso 9/11/12 2:51 PM
Yes sad to hear this, but why would you give up on nodejs? Do you mean most giving up on the projects or on the thecnology?

Besides all of this, remember that people fall and people get up, this doesnt take away your smart, I am sure you will figure this out, wish you good luck!!!

Re: Giving up on node.js / Flatiron / Stephen Belanger 9/11/12 2:55 PM
Yikes. Sounds like you got screwed there. Sorry to see you go. You contributed some cool stuff to the node community.

What are your plans now?
Giving up on node.js / Flatiron / Wouter Scherphof 9/12/12 6:54 AM
W! T! F! ??
Re: Giving up on node.js / Flatiron / Frans van der Meer 9/13/12 11:32 PM
wow. Sorry to hear that! Tnx for the great work. Hope to talk to you soon.

Op dinsdag 11 september 2012 17:56:37 UTC+2 schreef Marak Squires het volgende:
Re: Giving up on node.js / Flatiron / cayasso 9/14/12 10:45 AM

Move on guys nothing else to see here. Marak we wish you the best!!!