Is there a maximum /tmp tempfile size?

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Is there a maximum /tmp tempfile size? mdgbayly 10/5/10 7:11 PM
I have a background job running as a worker that needs to generate and
write large files to s3.
From what I can tell s3 doesn't support chunked transfer encoding so I
need to know the size of the file before I can start writing it to s3.

One option is to write the file to memory before putting to s3 but as
these files could be quite bit, that could chew up a lot of memory.

The other option is to write it to a temp file under my application
root /tmp directory, and then upload the temp file to s3 from there.

I've read the info at
and realize that the files won't hang around if my worker is stopped
restarted etc, but that's ok. I'd just be generating it, uploading to
s3 and then deleting the local copy.

I've also read that there is a 300MB hard memory cap for dynos?  Is
that true for workers too?

Re: Is there a maximum /tmp tempfile size? Oren Teich 10/6/10 1:43 PM
The file size limit is in the many gigs range.  Clean up after
yourself and you shouldn't have any problems.

Workers are capped at the same memory limit.


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