Fragmented Sections : Using 2 sections

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Fragmented Sections : Using 2 sections Jessica Hammer 10/7/11 12:43 PM
Hi Eric,
In your example about fragmented sections, you only use one fragmented
section. Is in possible to set up 2 sections to both be fragmented? If
so, how should you define the sections?

In a small test the following worked

<!-- utmx section name="Headline, Pricing" -->
function write_frag(section, frag_num) {............

but on the live site with a lot more scripts and code, it pulls that
into GWO as a section called
"Headline, Pricing".

I tried it like this also

<!-- utmx section name="Headline" -->
<!-- utmx section name="Pricing" -->
function write_frag(section, frag_num) {................

but that just pulls in the first section, and not the second.

Any advice on how to troubleshoot this?