REST - Table ID and Authorization token

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REST - Table ID and Authorization token Tom 5/15/12 7:08 AM
I'm totally new to Google Analytics and am trying out the tool on
I'd like to execute the method, but I don't know how to find the ID parameter. I already executed all other methods, but they don't provide me that information. Any ideas?
Also, is there a way to integrate the authorization token into your URL? Because for now I'm only able to see a result when I use the OAuth 2.0 playground (
Thank you for your help,
Re: REST - Table ID and Authorization token Nick 5/21/12 2:00 PM
So the ids query parameter is called the table ID.

The value is ga:xxx where xxx is your profile ID.

You can get the profile ID:
- In the Google Analytics interface configuration section
- the p query parameter in the main Google Analytics interface reports
- Using the management API

If you are brand new to the API, we just published some helloAnalyticsApi tutorials to make it easy to get going:

These tutorials do walk you through using the Management API to query the Core Reporting API.